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Type2Phone: Type To A Paired iOS Device From Your Mac Keyboard [Paid]

When it comes to mobile devices, or more specifically, smart phones, on-screen keyboards are now the norm. Although Samsung did recently debut the Samsung Galaxy Note featuring a stylus in an Apple mocking super bowl ad, the fact is, people are now accustomed to using their fingers to operate on-screen keyboards. As such, these on-screen keyboards are easy to use; few of us will ever lose our finger and turn to a stylus (in the event that you do lose your finger, a stylus is the last thing you need to worry about). While the iPhone keyboard is super responsive and easy to use, it might, at one point, become an annoyance to type from your device. Type2Phone is a Mac app available for $4.99 that allows you to use the keyboard attached to your Mac to type on the iPhone. This app requires no iOS client whatsoever, and simply pairs and connects with the device over Bluetooth.

Pair your iPhone and Mac and launch the app. This app will function in just about any app on your iPhone. It can’t be used to launch apps or to select text input fields, and will simply turn your Mac keyboard into an input device for your iPhone. As you type, the app will show you which keys you are pressing on the screen.


Sit back and enjoy using a larger keyboard to type to your iOS devices. Granted, you might not need it for the iPad, since its keyboard is already pretty comfortable to type with, but you will appreciate not having to hunch up when typing on your iPhone. The app supports keyboard functions like Backspace and Return.  It will also support commands like Command + A (select all), Command + C (Copy), Command + X (Cut) and all such similar commands.

Type2Phone notesType2Phone safari

To disconnect the current iOS device or connect another one, click where it says connected on the device name, and select Connect to New Device. To set the app to connect to a particular device whenever it is launched, go to the app’s preferences, select a device and click Automatically reconnect upon launch. Devices can be removed using the Forget Selected Devices setting.

Type2Phone preferences

If you’ve ever felt that, after a long day’s work, typing on a small display was somewhat irritating, or you just have slightly stubby fingers, this app can be a huge help. Although the price tag is somewhat steep, the app works smoothly and is worth the money you spend.


Type2Phone started out simple but it’s added two excellent features; support for dictation allowing you to send voice commands to your iOS device, use the Function keys to send commands to your device, and send specific commands (pre-added) to your phone.The new commands will let you control the brightness and volume on your device. You will be able to play/pause, mute, skip head or forward to the next/previous song in the iPod app, return to your Home screen or Lock your device. The function keys on your Mac will also let you control the brightness, volume etc., on your device. To see a complete list of which commands you can send, go to Special>Voice Over. Double tap the right Command key and speak the command. You will also be able to dictate a text to your iOS device. This update makes the app all the more worth the $4.99 that you pay for it.


Get Type2Phone From Mac App Store

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