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Convert PowerPoint 2010 Presentation To Different File Types

PowerPoint 2010 lets user convert presentation into different formats, which eventually allows user to share it with concerned people having different tools to view presentation. The supported formats are; OpenDocument presentation, PowerPoint 97-2003 for coping up compatibility problem and even in different image formats (PNG and JPG) which won’t require PowerPoint installation to view slides.

To begin with, launch the PowerPoint 2010 presentation which you want to convert. Head over to File menu, and click Save & Send.

save & sejnd

From main window, under File Types, click Change File Type. In right sidebar, you will see list of file types; PowerPoint 2007 & 2010 format pptx, PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation (ppt), OpenDocument Presentation Presentation (odp), Template (pptx), PowerPoint Show (ppsx) and PowerPoint Picture Presentation (pptx). Click desired file type from the list.

Under Image File Types, there are two file types; PNG(Portable Network Graphics) and JPG format. These file types comes in very handy when you need to share PowerPoint presentation instantly with your peers and friends. Select the PNG file type and click Save as to save it as image.

change file type

It will bring up Save as dialog, specify the location where you want to save presentation and click Save.

save as PNG

Information box will pop-up, asking for either save Every Slide or Current Slide Only in PNG format.


A message box will appear, showing folder path where it will save the PowerPoint Presentation slide(s).


Now open the folder and view the images to verify the quality and size of presentation images.

png format

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