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Create Calculated Fields In Access 2010

In Access 2010, you can manipulate data fields in many ways by applying constraints, changing data types, creating relationships and so on, but creating Calculated fields would be of great use, as you can easily calculate field values based on other field’s data in real time. In this post we will guide you through the procedure of creating a Calculated field, which will take values from other fields to evaluate result.

To start out with creating calculated fields, launch Access 2010, navigate to Create tab and click Table.


We will be making a simple Marks table, carrying marks of students in different courses and Total field, containing total marks. For this right-click Table1, and click Design View.

design view 1

Enter an appropriate name of table name and click OK.


Start entering field names, i.e, name of courses and under Data Type, click drop-down button to select Number as data type.

data  type number

Change data types of each course field to Number, except of ID (which is unique identifier) and Total field. Under Total data type list options, select Calculated.

calculated field

It will bring-up Expression Builder dialog. For illustration we will be adding all the marks secured in different fields in Total field. For this start entering all the field names enclosed in square brackets, separated by plus sign. Click OK to continue.

calculated field 1

Now close the marks field and save the changes made. From navigation pane, double click the table to open it in datasheet view. Start entering marks obtained and you will see that the on filing out one complete record, Total field will add up marks obtained in corresponding record.

datasheet view

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