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Save Excel 2010 Workbook Window Layout As Workspace

Excel 2010 allows user to save workbook workspace to restore the layout of  Excel window anytime in future. It can be helpful in situations when you are dealing with multiple worksheets for comparison purposes or when you need to remember the layout of  each opened window.

For saving the spreadsheet layout, navigate to View tab and click Save Workspace.


This will open Save Workspace dialog, now specify workspace name and click save. Now when you open it again, it will restore the worksheet window layout.


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  • priscila

    VERY useful!!! I had been playing around with excel and also looked it up in the helpsection with no success..

    Love it!

  • Phaedron

    Ha! There it was all the time. Deja Gnu! Now I can’t not see it. Thanks!
    Also, if you Restore all the open sheets and right-click on empty space, you get the opportunity to save the workspace there, too.

  • Robarooney

    I just started using EXCEL 2010 in a new contract job. I spotted the “Save Workspace” button in the ribbon when I was futzing with four spreadsheets at once. I saved the workspace I’d created and I was impressed with how fast the workspace was re-loaded. I wanted to learn more so I could share this feature with several friends who are also using Office 2010 for the first time. The Help gave me a link that led me here. Thanks for the instructions.

  • Pam

    I did this by accident and now I can’t see how to restore the default workspace – can anyone help?

  • Gina

    Dont understand it – All it appears to have done is create a backup copy of my workbook.

  • lalaspage

    Why don’t I have the save workspace button?