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AddFriend For iPhone: Use Bluetooth To Make New Facebook Friends

A couple of months back, we covered an Android app by the name of Add Friend that allowed users to add any person as their Facebook friend by merely touching two NFC-enabled devices. The developers of the same app have now released an iOS version of AddFriend, which functions on Bluetooth due to the lack of NFC in iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. While it might not be as cool as touching your devices to add a friend, the app does serve its purpose well enough, and can come in handy every time you have to add a person you meet in real life to your Facebook profile. Using the app is so easy that we can really see a lot of people using AddFriend on their iPhone to increase the number of friends on their Facebook account.

AddFriend (Facebook) AddFriend (Facebook) Bluetooth

The first step after installing AddFriend is to log in to the app with your Facebook account. You will also have to authorize AddFriend to post to your profile. When all is done, allow the app to turn on the Bluetooth in your device, and ask the person you want to add to do the same. For everything to work properly, it is necessary that both the parties have AddFriend installed. As soon as a Bluetooth device is discovered, tap the desired name, and if you are already friends the app will take you to their profile page, and a post will be published on your account, telling everyone that you high-fived (read: met) your friend in real life.

AddFriend (Facebook) Profile AddFriend (Facebook) Post

If a contact is not found in your profile already, you will become friends automatically as soon as AddFriend detects the connection. You can view the History of all the contacts you have added using the app, and if you want the app can also be used to check-in to any place in real life.

AddFriend is a pretty useful app if you like to stay in touch with people you meet occasionally, or just like to make new friends. You can download AddFriend for free (although it has to be kept in mind that the app is ad-supported) by going to the download link below.

Download AddFriend for iOS

Update: The app is now completely ad-free, and the price has stayed at the previous $0 price tag as well. In addition to that, the latest AddFriend update has added support for more languages to the app. The app now comes with support for Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

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