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Adobe Reader For Android & iOS Updated With Digital Signing & Support For EchoSign

Adobe Reader for Android, iPhone, iPad & iPod touch has just been updated (to v10.2.0) with quite a few significant additions and improved features; two of the most noticeable of which are the new Ink Signature tool, which lets you sign your PDF documents, and the option to fill out PDF forms right from within the app. Not just that, the app now also supports Adobe EchoSign, which can be used to send documents to other users for e-signing purposes. You no longer need to rely on other electronic document signature tools to get your digital documents signed on the fly. Other than that, the update also brings several other useful features, such as the option to supplement PDF files with sticky notes, link URLs and/or any part of a document to another PDF file for easier navigation, improved annotation, in-app search, text highlighting, underlining and strikethrough options, and plenty more.


The ability to manually sign your digital documents via your Android device is an obvious money and time saver, as it doesn’t require you to endure the pain and wait involved in routine printing, mailing and faxing chores.

While viewing a document in Adobe Reader, tap anywhere on the screen to reveal the app’s main toolbar. The pencil and comment icons at the top reveal additional text editing options. The aforementioned Ink Signature tool is the the first option (from right) on the toolbar. Once you’ve selected the tool, tap anywhere on the document you wish to add your signature, draw your signature, adjust its thickness, and tap Save. Once a signature is added, you can tap it again to further adjust its thickness, color, or opacity.


The annotation, text highlighting, underlining, strikethrough, and sticky note tools too are present in the aforementioned toolbar. Sticky notes can be added to any portion of a document. Doing so adds a small speech bubble icon to the selected part of the document, which can then be tapped to view the contained note. Provided you’re working with a document that contains forms, you can easily fill them out from within the app simply by tapping any text fields, check boxes or radio buttons that may be present in the form.


The aforementioned EchoSign feature can be found under the share/more button on the document screen. Tapping this button lets you upload a document to Adobe’s EchoSign webpage, from where you can have your colleagues or friends sign it.

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