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Cloud Fox Syncs Firefox Bookmarks, History & Tabs With Windows Phone 7

The whole concept of a smartphone is to allow the user to carry everything they need, no matter where they are. In essence, you don’t just have a phone, you are walking around with your PC in your pocket. Want to browse the net? It’s there. Feel like listening to music? It’s there. File access, editing and reading docs – a smartphone offers you everything. Well, almost. What it does not offer, third-party apps strive to achieve. Web browsing is one of the major aspects of modern computing. The gateway to the vast world of internet is your web browser. And the supporting columns of this gateway are your bookmarks, history, etc. which make the browsing experience even better. If you are a Firefox user currently on Windows Phone 7, chances are that you might be missing your carefully collected bookmarks. WP7’s Internet Explorer is pretty cool, but you know what’s cooler? Syncing Firefox data with it. Cloud Fox can do that for you.

Cloud Fox SetupCloud Fox Profile

The app is free and comes with complete syncing of your Weave account with your phone. If you don’t have a Weave account, simply go to the Sync options in your PC’s Firefox. The set-up is simple enough. Make sure that you save the Sync key before exiting. Once you have done that, run the Cloud Fox app.
Enter your account name, password (not your e-mail’s password, the account’s pass) and finally, the Sync key.

Cloud Fox BookmarksCloud Fox HistoryCloud Fox Tabs

Staying on the same page, choose which data you want to sync (Bookmarks, History, Tabs). If you are a new user and have just finished setting up your account, make sure that you have synced your web browser at least once before you proceed. Hit the refresh button after saving your changes. Wait for the sync to complete (takes some time) and there you are, with your Firefox data right on your WP7. Tap whichever link you want and it will be opened in the phone’s IE browser.

Download Cloud Fox

[via WMPowerUser]

Update: The app’s new Mango version is now capable of supporting fast app switching and a lot of other WP7.5 features. Having said that, Microsoft’s recent announcement of Apollo and Windows Phone 7.8 is a huge step towards attracting users to the desktop version of Internet Explorer. The next iteration of Windows Phone will have the functionality offered by Cloudfox, but for Internet Explorer rather than Firefox. So, if you are a Mozilla user, this app remains as useful as ever.

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