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DietPoint Suggests Detailed Personal Diet Plans Based On Your Physique, BMI & Blood Type [iOS]

If you are reading this, chances are that you spend a large part of your day sitting in front of your computer, or maybe your job demands prolonged indoor hours, with little or no chance for exercise. In today’s era, physical fitness has taken a somewhat secondary role. However, the same technology that is making us fat can be used to turn the tables and adopt a much healthier routine. The iOS App Store, for one, has got a decent variety of fitness-related apps that can get you back in shape in no time. DietPoint is one such app, and it comes with a staggeringly large number of diet plans, designed to suit your needs regardless of your age, gender, lifestyle or just about any other factor. Not only that, DietPoint compels you to follow the diet plan rigorously, and even helps you with everything, including shopping for the grocery needed to implement your personalized fitness regimen.

DietPoint Actions DietPoint Schedule DietPoint Shopping List

To get started with DietPoint, go to the Categories menu and select a diet. The diets provided here are of several genres, and you can get the perfect diet plan for you based on your blood group, objectives, physique or even favorite celebrities. Some of the plans provided in the app are free, while others are listed under Premium, and require in-app purchases. Once you have chosen a diet plan, the app will prompt you to configure your daily eating schedule, defining a specific time for each meal or snack. It is possible to turn on Notifications so that DietPoint reminds you when it’s time to eat. The app is so helpful that it doesn’t just suggest the diet plan – it automatically generates a Shopping List, so that you can easily purchase all the items you will need for your special meals.

DietPoint Plan Categories DietPoint Plan Details DietPoint My Diet

DietPoint keeps track of your weight as well, so that you can analyze your progress on the go. If you just feel like browsing, go to the Diets menu and you can take a look at what the celebrities eat to stay in great shape. Rather than just meal suggestions, DietPoint also gives sound fitness advice regarding daily workout routines and other activities. When it comes to food, the app will tell you how to prepare each item it recommends in the plan.

DietPoint Forum DietPoint Discussions

In case you want to see if the diet plans listed in the app really work or not, go to the Forum section where you are sure to find a lot of success stories, along with some sound advice from fellow DietPoint users. You can ask any question in the forums, or just skim through them for extra information. To get the best results out of DietPoint, it is better if you set up your Profile, so that the app can take your weight, height and other similar factors into account while making calculations.

The app is originally priced at a hefty $44.99 (including memberships and premium purchases), but for a very limited time, you can save all that money and get DietPoint for free. Just head to the following link and grab this iPhone-optimized app today!

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