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Foxitware PDFCamera: Scan & Create High Quality PDF Docs via Android

Scanning real documents via your Android’s camera in order to convert them into print-ready digital document files is not a new concept. Previously reviewed Handy Scanner provided Android users with more than adequate document scanning and digitizing options. However, if you’re looking for an alternative solution in this regard, then you must consider giving Foxitware PDFCamera a good try. Fresh to the Google Play Store, Foxitware PDFCamera comes from Foxit Corporation – the team behind the globally acclaimed suite of PDF reading, editing and management applications. The app lets you scan real documents via your Android’s camera to convert them into high quality PDF document files. Apart from saving scanned documents in PDF format, the app also supports converting JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG and DIB image files into print-ready documents. In addition, the app supports merging multiple PDF files into a single package so that you can compile an entire batch of relevant documents into one single eBook. Using the app is as simple as it gets, and with minimum of effort, you’re ready to explore and share self-created PDF documents from your Android.


The app’s homescreen interface presents you with options to scan a new document via the camera,or import an existing image file from your device’s internal storage for processing chores. Once the required image/document is imported, you can rotate it (by 90 degrees), save it to album/gallery, or convert it into a PDF document.

Keep on converting as many documents as required in the same pattern. Once done, the app lets you rename and delete them one by one, merge them into one single package with a custom filename and/or share them in batch in PDF format.


Tapping the menu button at the bottom-left of the app’s main interface takes you to the app’s native document library from where you can easily manage all the converted PDF documents as per requirement.

That’s it! A simple and hassle-free solution to scan and create PDF documents via your Android device on the go. Please note that in order to open PDF files on your Android, you must have a PDF reader installed.

Download Foxitware PDFCamera for Android

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