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Frame Artist For iPhone: Photo Editor With Templates For Creating Quick Collages

The iOS App Store has a lot of apps that let you create collages out of the photos in your device’s library, and the number of photo editors is even greater. A combination of both these genres is, however, pretty rare. That’s what makes Frame Artist worth a try for any iPhone and iPad users who have a thing for photo editing apps. Not only can it be used as a full-fledged photo editor, it also comes with a handful of collage templates, so that you can begin creating any design or image without having to work on the layout.

Frame Artist with Templates Pro Templates Frame Artist with Templates Pro Edit Frame Artist with Templates Pro BG Color

The app can be used to create invitations, post cards, greeting cards and formal letters. Templates for all these, and more, are provided within the app, and you can begin using any of them with a single tap. The design and text in each template can be edited individually, and you can add effects or stickers to them as well. A template in Frame Artist acts just as a stepping stone, and you can alter it completely if you choose to do so.

Frame Artist with Templates Pro Custom Template Frame Artist with Templates Pro Filters Frame Artist with Templates Pro Sharing Options

The photo editing aspect of Frame Artist is pretty awesome as well. To create a new image, you have to define the shape of its frame and the number of cells you want to use. Once you have done that, it is possible to load up images from a vast number of sources, including camera roll, social networks or even through web search, right from within the app. You can also snap a photo and use it for editing straight away. All the images can be loaded into the editor simultaneously, and then you will have to adjust them in their respective frames by dragging them from the bottom bar. Each cell in the frame can be edited individually, and to do that, you have to hit the brush button in the top right corner of each cell. You can add text to each cell, or apply any of the available filters by going to the FX menu. Users can also add any color or conversation bubble to each cell.

Once you are done editing the collage, the options for sharing and saving it are about the same as the ones for loading images to the app. Frame Artist is a pretty decent app, and comes in both free and paid versions. However, for a very limited time, the pro version is available for free as well. The link for both versions of the app are provided below. The app is universal, designed for both the iPhone and iPad.

Download Frame Artist with Templates Pro

Download Frame Artist with Templates

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