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Free Locker Is A 4-Way Lockscreen Replacement App For Android

Custom lockscreens are a great way to setup exciting screen locking mechanisms on your Android device. By having your favorite apps, tools, shortcuts and/or widgets visible on your lockscreen, you can easily and instantly access them without unlocking your device. Custom lockscreen replacement apps come in all sorts of flavors, and  Free Locker for Android is yet another remarkable effort in this regard. With Free Locker you can set customized lockscreen options, select a preferred background and (the best of them all) unlock your screen by swiping down one of the four customizable buttons on the lockscreen.

As more and more developers jump onto the Android bandwagon, better and much enhanced customizable efforts on various fronts emerge on the scene and when it comes to tweaking custom lockscreens, you can rest assured you’ll find options aplenty. While some lockscreens sport widgets such as Generic Widget Lockscreen and WidgetLocker, others might carry a handful of most frequently used apps/features for quick and easy access. Based on the same lines, Free Locker has been designed with intuitive design and customizable lockscreen features.

Once locked, your screen displays four different buttons, each can be swiped down to unlock the device and launch a specific app/interface. By default, each of the four buttons refer to a particular feature/ app namely Phone, Sound, SMS and obviously, Unlock. Dragging each one all the way down to bottom unlocks the devices directly to the relevant app. One of the highlights of the Free Locker is its attractive interface (especially the glowing trail that appears behind a button while you drag it down).

And it doesn’t just end here; with Free Locker, you can customize button functionality and assign custom app/shortcut to a specific button as per convenience. Needless to say though, the Unlock button cannot be modified. To modify any of remaining three buttons, long press on the button and select from the app or shortcut of your choice. You can also revert to default Free Locker settings for each button anytime you wish. The app also lets you set custom background image for your lockscreen.

All in all, Free Locker is a handy replacement for the default Android lockscreen as it allows you to access your favorite apps through a visually attractive interface. Free Locker is available in the Android Market free of cost. You can visit the Market link provided below to download Free Locker.

Download Free Locker for Android


  1. The functions of free locker are just what i need BUT the advertising links that overlay the link screen mean YOUR ANDROID IS NEVER REALLY LOCKED. Every time i take it out of my pocket one of those links has taken me to the Market. instead of pocket dialing its like pocket shopping.

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