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Free-Time For iOS Tells Your Friends When You’re Free

Having trouble planning get-togethers with your friends or scheduling meetings with your co-workers? Free-Time for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad provides a new way to tell your friends when you’re free. The app takes data from your calendar application, couples it with your pre-defined daily routine and displays intervals where you are free, allowing you to copy the info to clipboard or share it with your friends via SMS or email. And that’s not all. The app lets you determine times when when both you and a friend are free simply by bumping devices together. The app is relatively new to the App Store and is far from perfect. However, for the new concept it brings to the table and the flexibility it incorporates into its implementation, we give it a well-deserved thumbs up.


Owing in part to a well-crafted interface, the app is quite easy to set up and equally simple to use. When launched for the first time, the app displays a short overview of its features at the end of which, it takes you to the settings screen where you can set up your daily routine.

Oddly enough, the app only allows setting up conventional routines. That is, the I usually sleep at setting under Your Day, for instance, only allows you to set a time between 2 PM and 12 AM. Also, the app assumes both Sundays and Saturdays to be off. So if, say, you work a night-shift on Saturdays, you won’t be able to add that information to your daily routine. Hopefully, said issue will be resolved in future updates.


Once set, you can view free hours for each day including and following the current. Tapping the info badge in front of a day reveals routine and calendar events for that day. The app provides great flexibility in sifting through your schedule for the right time-slot. You can filter the displayed number of free hours by Meal, Time Block (by 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours), Time Range and Day.

You can share free hours for multiple days at a time from the app’s home screen or select, share and add calendar events to time blocks within individual days.

The app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store but you’ll have to upgrade to the $0.99 premium version (in-app purchase) to enjoy unlimited copying, sharing and bumping. The free version only provides you with a one-time demo for each.

Download Free-Time

[via Lifehacker]

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