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Free Version Of Electronic Arts’ Tetris Now Available In Android Market

Some games are just eternal. Years over years pass by and people never seem to get tired of playing them. Tetris is one such game. It never gets old. If you’re a Tetris fan and own an Android device, you’ll be happy to know that EA very recently released a free version for their best-selling Android variant of the game. If you’re reading this then you probably haven’t tried the original (paid) version of the game and its fluid controls yet. The free version contains ads (displayed at the top of the screen in-game) and features the Marathon (classic) gameplay mode only. The alternate power-up based Magic Mode has been reserved for the full version.


The visuals are as easy on the eyes and the controls as fluid as those of the full version. Also, the ads aren’t distracting at all. So essentially, the only significant difference between the two versions would be the aforementioned gameplay mode. It’s highly unlikely that you’re unfamiliar with the objective of the game, but just in case you aren’t (you’re kidding, right?) or are just having trouble with the game’s controls, you may avail the tutorial option that appears at the beginning of each new game.

You can grab the game from the Android Market via the provided link or QR code.

Download Teris Free

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