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‘From Here’ – Navigate To Important Places Near You [WP7 Mango]

There are quite a number of location-based apps available for Windows Phone 7 despite it being a developing platform. Almost all those apps will be coming to Mango and even now, many have already rolled out their Mango updates in anticipation of the fruity update. But there are some apps which are developed exclusively for Mango, making full use of its new features and improved functionality. One such app is From Here, which lets you know all about important places in your vicinity and even plans a route for getting there.


Even though there are many alternatives to this app, From Here does stand a good chance of making its own mark on WP7 users because of its interface, usability and most importantly, accuracy. To our pleasant surprise, this app told us about pretty much all the banks located near our office, which is a first for any location-based app we have tested so far for WP7.

Here’s all you need to know about From Here:


Places are sorted under a total of 9 categories including:

  • Eating places (café, hotels and restaurants)
  • Emergency places like hospitals and pharmacies
  • Utility areas including banks, gas stations and markets

Apart from these categories, there is an integrating category named Nearby which combines all these and displays the results based on distance from your current location.

Favorites & Searching

As evident from the name of these tabs, you can mark a certain place (or places) as your favorite and no matter where you go, From Here will help you get to your favorite place by planning a route for you. The app also gives you the ability to search for any particular place or in your vicinity.


Route Planning

So now you have found the place you want to be at (among the categories or through search), the coolest feature of From Here is that it will plan a complete route for you to get to that place. The app lets you choose between a walk route and car route to the location.

Location Sharing

Using From Here, you can search for any location and then broadcast it to your social network (Facebook or Twitter). If you don’t want to make your discovery public, simply chose the E-Mail or SMS option.

With all these features, From Here is a real bargain, costing you nothing at all. You can download this free app at the link given below (if you have Mango, of course).

Download From Here

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