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GO Book Is One Smart Text And ePub Reader For Android

The GO Dev Team is already a popular name in the Android Market when it comes to visually apt and extremely useful Android apps. The company seems to be hellbent to offer Android users with solutions to almost all the various facets of mobile usage. Be it the homescreen replacement apps, messaging replacement apps, caller replacement apps, lock screen replacement apps, or the gorgeous weather app, you know that you’re going to get some quality alternatives from each and every category.  This time,  they have come up with a fantastic little .txt and ePub reader that would delight hardcore book readers. GO Book is an extremely handy and eye-catching reader which presents multiple book reading features in such a wonderful way that you would be forced to keep it as your default text reader.

GO Book for Android takes your text reading experience to another level with its visually rich interface, and tries to lock horns with some of the very best existing eBook reading apps out there. The app allows you to Import and Batch Import (multiple select) text and ePub files from your device and showcases them in a bookshelf as well as in a list. Right from opening a text document to bookmarking a favorite page, the app is a true graphical wonder. The app displays a realistic-looking ‘page-curl’ transition effect while swiping right or left to switch between pages.

While within a document, users can make necessary adjustments to the brightness and font size and Skip To a page within the document. Bookmark your favorite pages from within a document with just a single tap. Open a marked page with just a few taps without scrolling through the entire document. Search from available documents by typing in the titles manually or selecting your favorite titles from an alphabetically ordered list.

Here is the best part of the entire deal; an easy switch between Day Mode and Night Mode. For text reading under normal light, users can select Day Mode however, if the lights around you are dim, you can protect your eyes from sheer brightness by switching to night mode. All in all, GO Book reader is an excellent choice when it comes to selecting an able text reader for your Android device. GO Book is available for free in the Market and works best with most Android devices. Download GO Book from the Market link provided below.

Download GO Book for Android

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