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How To Access Hidden Wi-Fi Networks On Your Windows Phone 7 HTC Device

One of the features that distinguish Windows Phone 7 from other operating systems is the strict security measures it takes to ensure that it is almost impossible to break into the user’s privacy confines. Not only that, Microsoft certainly knows how to protect it’s own intellectual property too (nothing open source when it comes to Windows!). But they can go a bit overboard when trying to be secure and overdo the whole thing a little. People usually hide their Wi-Fi networks to ensure safety from casual hackers. But at the same time it leads a person into a false sense of security and this makes hidden Wi-Fi networks a security risk. Due to this, WP7 does not allow users to see and connect to a hidden Wi-Fi network. But if a hidden network is the only choice you have, then what to do? HTC users have a choice.

Hidden Wi-FiHTC might be a manufacturer of Windows phones, but apparently they don’t agree to Microsoft’s hidden Wi-Fi policy. That’s why they have their own Wi-Fi network finder app, which lets user discover networks that are invisible! All you have to do is simply install the app and enter the name of the network you are looking for. The other option is to directly use the SSID of the required network, depending upon the user’s choice.

In your settings you can add up to 3 networks at a time and connect to any one of them that is available. Unfortunately this app might be having some issues (specially after NoDo), but HTC has promised to come up with a better version soon enough.

Download Hidden Wi-Fi For Windows Phone

[via Windows Phone Secrets]

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