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How To Sync Multiple Calendars From Your Google Account With WP7

A few months back, we covered a tip on how to sync multiple Google Calendars with your WP7 device. Although that method worked just fine for most Mango users, it was a bit complicated and difficult to follow. Thankfully, Google seems to have taken note of the matter, and official support for syncing up to 25 Google Calendars with Windows Phone 7 has been added by Google to their scheduling service. The method we are going to be outlining below is not something just for Mango phones, we are sure that it will work just fine with any other smartphone as well. You don’t need any app to configure everything, and all the steps in the procedure are browser-based. So, if you use more than one Google Calendars, read on to learn the easy method of syncing them to your Windows Phone device.

The method is pretty simple, and you will just need to follow the steps discussed below.

  1. Go to Internet Explorer from your WP7 device, and enter the following URL in the address bar.
    This will take you to the welcome page of Google’s syncing services.
  2. If you are not signed in with a Google account, do so now via the login options presented on the welcome page.

    Google Calendar Sync Welcome

  3. Once you have logged in as a Google user, a page will be displayed, showing all the devices associated with the current account. Choose the Windows Phone 7 device with which you want to sync the calendars.

    Google Calendar Sync Devices

  4. Within your WP7’s dedicated page, you will see a list of all the calendars you have set up with the Google account presently in use (just 1 in the screenshot below). Check the boxes next to each account, located under the My Calendars tab, and then hit Save.

    Google Calendars WP7

  5. A confirmation message will be displayed in your browser, indicating that you are done adding the calendars to your WP7.

    Google Calendar Sync WP7

You can either wait for 30 minutes before your Google account syncs and the calendars are added, or there is the option to manually sync your account by going to the Settings menu. Personally, I think that having too many calendars synced with your phone might complicate matters a little, but if you are already using more than one calendars on your Google account, this is something that you are sure to find useful. A pretty easy to follow procedure, but really very handy if you are a fan of Google’s services.

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