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How To Unbrand (Debrand) Your LG Windows Phone 7

Your Windows Phone 7 device is usually associated with a specific carrier and this could prove to be a big limitation for the functionality and potential of your phone. There is certain content which is released for all carriers in general by Windows, but at times you won’t get it because your brand of mobile carrier blocks the newly rolled out update. Apart from that, there is the most important issue of being unable to switch to a new network if the carrier starts to annoy you a lot. Now what can you do about this situation? If you are an LG user, there is luckily a way to unbrand your phone, and it’s quite simple to follow. Fortunately, Microsoft endowed LG Windows Phone devices with the useful MFG (or diagnostics) menu, and using it you can do a lot of useful stuff, including unlocking your phone.


Here’s all you have to do to get rid of the carrier tag from your LG device. But beware, the method involves tinkering with the Engineering menu of your phone and changing a few registry values, so it can be risky. This also means that you will need a device that is developer unlocked, as otherwise there is no way to access registries.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.


  1. Before doing anything else, make sure that your phone is developer unlocked. If it is not, you will be able to access the diagnostics menu, but won’t be able to proceed any further.
  2. As with almost all WP7 devices, the diagnosis menu (called MFG in LG) can be reached by dialing ##634# from your phone. Access it.
  3. Once there, input 277634#*# when prompted for password.
  4. You will be presented with a menu, look for the option “Engineering menu” and tap it.
  5. In the newly opened menu, go to the registry editor located in the option “Other Settings”.
  6. As the registry path enter
  7. As your sub path input
  8. This will take you to the desired registry value you have to change. Set the KEY to MobileOperator.
  9. In the Type field, choose String.
  10. Tap “Query”. Your carrier’s brand name will appear in the input field. Delete it.
  11. Save all the changes you have made and exit.

Thus you will have an unbranded LG phone that is capable of receiving generic Microsoft updates and is carrier unlocked.

[via WPPowerUser]

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