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Launch From Notification Launches Apps From Android Notification Bar

Do you feel that you’re Android’s notification bar can be made a bit more productive? How about placing shortcuts to a handful of favorite apps of yours in the notification panel, and then launch them directly from there with just a tap? This can now be made possible with the help of an app called Launch From Notification 2 (app has been renamed) Simple Shortcut Panel, which is a handy tool that lets you add shortcuts to up to three apps of your choice to the notification/status area and, unlike similar apps the likes of Bar Control and Smart Bar, includes the option to display all three shortcuts in a single line within said area, providing you with quicker access to your favorite apps. You may also set the app to display a single shortcut in the notification area, tapping which displays a pop-up housing all app shortcuts. Though, it is the former feature that holds it apart from older, more popular alternatives.

How is this any better than having shortcuts on the home screen, you may ask. Well, unlike the home screen, the notification area is accessible from everywhere (except from within full screen apps, of course). So if, for instance, you’re browsing the web on your device and find something that you want to take a screenshot of, Simple Shortcut Panel will aid you in launching your favorite screenshot application without having to return to the homescreen. In short, accessing apps from within the notification panel is as simple as dragging the notification bar down and tapping the icon/ shortcut of the required app. There is no restriction whatsoever on the type or order of apps that can be pinned to the notification panel.


To begin adding shortcuts, launch the app, switch to the Apps tab and tap on one of the three empty (by default) slots to add a shortcut to it. To delete a registered shortcut, simply tap it again and select Delete Shortcut from the context menu. From within the Setting tab, you can enable or disable the app (Notification Area), switch between the two aforementioned shortcut layouts (Notification Layout) and set the app to display a notification icon in the status bar when it is enabled.


The paid version of the app, for a price of $1.20, allows you to add up to 12 shortcuts to the notification area.

Download Simple Shortcut Panel Free For Android

Download Simple Shortcut Panel For Android (Paid)


  1. What are “that programs” and “toggles” tabs in the notifications bottom zone? How can I get them? Thanks!

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