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Tonido – Remotely Access / Download Files & Stream Music From Your Computer [WP7]

We are living in a fast world. From airplanes to internet, everything is striving towards gaining a rapid pace. The increasing use of smartphones has given us a lot of convenience and the ability to perform a variety of tasks on the go. You no longer need to sit in front of a PC to type a document, check your e-mail or perform almost any official or personal task. That is the kind of ease a smartphone brings to life. But the truth of the matter is that desktop computers still remain an integral part of a common man’s daily routine. We still need some place to store our data in bulk and a PC provides us with exactly that. 90% of our important documents are stored in computers. But when you are not near your computer, and need something from your desktop urgently, what to do? If you are using a Windows Phone 7 device, the answer is Tonido!

Tonido lets you make your very own personal cloud of sorts. You have to simply download the Tonido app on your WP7 and install it. Once that is done install the Tonido software to your PC (available for MAC and Linux too). The desktop application can be downloaded from the official Tonido page (link provided below). After the download is finished (approximately 16Mb for Windows), run the app.

Tonido-Web-InterfaceThe onscreen installation instructions are easy enough. Once that is done you will need to setup your Tonido user account, at the end of which you will be assigned a server address. From that address you can access your documents via your phone from anywhere you want.

Tonido App Home ScreenTonido app PC Browse

For that to be possible you need to have the Tonido WP7 app. Simply login to your Tonido account from the welcome screen and you are good to go. You will see all the available and shared files present on your PC, organized just as they are stored in your desktop.

Tonido Music PlayTonido Pic Viewer

The app lets you open a multitude of file formats without having to install any third party software. This means that it becomes possible for you to read a PDF file or edit a Word document as soon as you access it. Another cool feature is the ability to play music files stored on your PC right from your phone. Tonido just takes a short time buffering the music file, and then it’s slick looking player runs the clip. Flipping through your PC pictures is easy and fast too via Tonido It lets you browse through your desktop pictures exactly as if you were browsing them on your PC.

Tonido Directory ViewTonido Download Screen

You can navigate through your PC on the desktop version of the app and from there you have the options to choose which files you would like to share. Tonido is not merely a place to access your files and docs, it has been made to feel like a complete playground for you. It even offers file sharing servers and this makes it a complete app for remotely accessing files on your computer. The downloaded files are available in the folder on the home screen of the app. You just need to be connected to the internet (a high speed connection will be a plus) to start using this really cool app.

All in all Tonido is a must-have for your Windows Phone 7, especially given that it is free of cost.

Download Tonido

Download Tonido Desktop Application

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