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Ubuntu One Files – Synchronize Your Android With Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One is a cloud storage service for Ubuntu users, much like the critically acclaimed Dropbox. Ubuntu one comes integrated with the Ubuntu operating system upon installation, but that does not limit its functionality to Ubuntu users only. It is accessible to anyone via the cloud. Now you can get the same freedom to carry your files, photos and pretty much everything else on your Android device. Canonical has released an Ubuntu One client for Android known as Ubuntu One Files.  It’s main function is to sync your cloud files with your Android device using your Ubuntu One account and furthermore, publish your files on your favorite social networks.

Ubuntu One gives registered users 2GB of free online space. Very nice indeed. You can also upgrade that for more space depending upon your needs.

Ubuntu OneRegistration

As soon as you open it up for the first time, it offers to upload your device’s images to Ubuntu One and shall do so automatically every time you snap a new one.  Other than that, you’re free to upload any file manually, access select files from the cloud or download any file and access it offline.


Got you going, right? Well that’s not all. Just press & hold the files in the app and you can select them to be published to social networks like Twitter and Facebook or just share them privately among family members or small groups of friends. It gives you the accessibility to easily upload files on the go and the option to edit them on your phone.


Whether or not you’re looking to switch cloud services, Android users should give this one a try. The app is available for free on the Android Market so nothing to lose here.

You can download the app from the Market via the provided link or QR code.

Download Ubuntu One Mail


  1. I’m not sure you that the files downloaded to the Android device stay “syncronized”.  It seems that you can always download the newer version from the cloud…but it doesn’t sync back up when the local file is changed on Android.  Am I wrong?

    • Same experience for me, Dave – “you can download the newer version from the cloud but it doesn’t sync back up when the local file is changed on Android”

    •  Ubuntu One support replied to me saying:

      “Currently the Ubuntu One Files app on android only uploads.files (auto-uploads
      You will need to upload the file again to make the new version available.
      We hope to add a form of syncing in a future release.”

      So right now, it’s not really a synchronisation tool.

  2. Was happy when I found this but still there is no good kde/ubuntuone solution for my Kubuntu 🙁

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