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VPlayer – Best Alternative To VLC For Android

VLC, one of the most used media players globally hasn’t made its way to Android yet, despite having been made available for the Apple iPad in September. While there is news out there on versions for Android and iPhone being under development, we’ll just have to wait for them as the porting seems to be in process right now. Its quite positive to say that a number of users search for VLC player once they get their hands on Android phones for the first time. In this article we will review the best current alternative for VLC – VPlayer.

Vplayer, being only 2.5MB in size, is quite lightweight, but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices on functionality. It’s quite amazing that it can play almost all available video formats, just the way VLC does. While subtitles aren’t currently supported, they are expected to get support in the beta release. Apart from the ability to play nearly all video formats you can throw at it, you also get access to some other nifty features such as pinch zoom on the video to toggle full screen. The response when toggling in video is very quick. Playback format support includes all popular formats like DivX, xvid, mkv, rmvb, flv, avi, mp4 and more.


As you can see in the screenshot above, the interface is quite straight-forward, with a no-frills approach. Though one thing we would like to see is the ability to use on-screen gestures rather than the seek bar to navigate in the video playback. While there are several other video players out there for Android as well, currently this one seems to be at the top when it comes to the right mix of features, performance, format support and size.

The app is ad-free, and using it is quite simple too. Once installed, just launch it from the app drawer and select your desired video file to play! Its quite an alternative for VLC player because its fast, responsive and would play everything for you.

Update: VLC Player Beta for Android is now available and we have given it a complete review, so don’t forget to check it out for more details. It contains all the features you would expect from VLC on a mobile platform including great format support and subtitles. If you are looking for our recommendation though, that would be MX Player. In our experience, it is the best free video player out there for Android, period. Check out our review for more details.

Install VPlayer from Android Market

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