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WPV App Data Backup – Save WP7 App Data & Restore It After Flashing

Windows Phone 7 has just started to come of age and custom ROMs have started to roll out recently. The biggest reason which keeps people from flashing a ROM they really like is the fear of losing all their data during the process. Even if your pictures, music and messages are safe after updating, you will still lose all that progress you made on Angry Birds or all the map data you had cached to your device. Now you don’t need to worry about all that. WPV App Data Backup allows you to save the data of all applications on your device to your computer and restore it later with only a few clicks. Of course it is extremely easy to restore your purchases and other Zune data, but in-app data is the thing that gets affected the most each time your Windows Phone is wiped. This data is what the Homebrew aims to save.

Using the application requires you to follow these steps. But first there are some requirements of course. Windows Phone SDK must be downloaded and installed on your PC and your phone must be developer unlocked. If it’s not, follow our WP7 unlocking guide.

Once all aforementioned requirements are met, connect your device to PC and wait for Zune to start up. Once it has, leave it untouched and run WPV App Data Backup. When the app launches, hit the browse button, choose a destination folder of your choice and click Backup to begin saving your device’s data to the selected directory.

To restore the backed up data, simply connect your device, launch the application and choose Restore.

A pretty useful application if you have an adventurous nature and like to flash a lot of custom ROMs. Beware though, this application will NOT backup your apps, just their data. Some users have reported that the application data restore works properly only after you have run the app for which you want to restore the data once before attempting to restore. In any case, using the tool is really easy, and it is not likely to damage your device in any way. All the damage you can suffer is the loss of your app data, that was going to be lost anyway.

For more information about this application and to find solutions for any problems you might face with the app, you can visit it’s XDA-Developers forum thread.

Download WPV App DATA Backup

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