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AddictiveTips New Year Giveaway, Year 2009

Update: This contest has ended. Winners will receive an Email.

To celebrate a Happy New Year, I am giving away 3 MozyHome Yearly licenses to my readers. If you don’t know what MozyHome is, check out my praises for this product here. These 3 yearly licenses have unlimited space allowing you to backup thousands of thousands(in fact unlimited) number of files.

mozy logo

You must be thinking what’s the use of Mozy anyway? Well, It can come handy if any of the following happens with you,

  • Your laptop gets stolen.
  • Your Computer crashes due to a virus and becomes corrupted
  • Your Important Files or Family Photos/Videos gets accidentally deleted.

And many other reasons…

I am using MozyHome to backup all my important work and blogging files, it works in the background and doesn’t bug me at all. If you are looking for a backup solution, I would recommend that you give it a try.

So if you are looking forward to win a yearly license for MozyHome, leave a comment explaining why and what do you need to backup. The best 3 comments will win the license.

Note: Don’t forget to leave your email address, it will be used for contacting the winners. Also keep in mind that MozyHome requires a high speed broadband to backup your files quickly.

Enjoy a Bright New Year!

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  • Musab

    Well I would love to secure all the photos that I have collected/taken of my Family and friends. I can’t bear to lose it in anyway.

    I can also use it for my laptop as well.

    Email: heavens786@gmail.com

  • xje4bv

    Well, I’ve used Adrive to backup all my files as I have a very small HDD space – 40 GB, but with a relatively normal broadband speed, hence able to backup my files online. Mozy would be useful as it offers unlimited space unlike Adrive which offers 50 GB on a single account. Now, I’m currently utilizing my 160GB iPod as a external HDD to store my media i.e. music, videos etc. With Mozy, I could deal with my files with much more portability.

    In the case where less than 3 commentators fail to register any comments, then I’d gladly receive the license. But, for now, I’m contented with reading your tips and using Adrive. Thanks anyway, and a Happy New Year.


  • DaN 1

    yo gimme one…..cz i need it fr free….. 😛 n im sure i can figure something out to back up on it
    so yea gimme one…..ima win dis 1 fosho…..

  • Razeen Abdulla

    a backup??? for sure…coz i dont trust ma compaq presario laptop, or my Windows Vista or ma 160 HDD…:D…a backup would helpful for sure…;)

  • Izzy

    The best thing which I like about mozy is ur data will remain safe and secure. cauz backing up ur data on DVDs or other drive is risky as they might get lost ! or get corrupted or even stolen !!! but thats not the case with mozy 🙂

  • Izzy

    ops i forgot to tell u what i’ve to backup . there are whole lota things like songs pics documents setups of different softwares 🙂 and some saved game files 😀

  • yehaskel

    …because my three year old will likely and inevitably spill his chocolate milk/apple juice/my coffee on my laptop *again*.

  • Well, i got the vehicle alright, now i just need a trunk in the back to keep everything from falling down

  • Max Demajo

    i recently got a virus on my computer and had to reformat. i lost all my videos i had of good memories with my best friend when i was 10-12 years old. i was an idiot for not backing up my files and regret it completely. one of my hard drives broke so i couldnt back up my files to there. im running out of space on my hd and i need some extra storage space. im doing programming at school and i have a project for my o-level which took a total of 7 hours and i would want to back these important files up.

  • xje4bv

    Thanks a lot, Nakodari. I didn’t expect that. Thanks again and a Happy New Year to you folks at Addictivetips

    • Sure, always expect the unexpected. 🙂

      Happy New Year to all !