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Adobe Air 2 Beta Released To Public

Adobe has finally launched the first beta of Adobe Air 2 to the public. It includes lots of new features and takes far less system memory than it’s predecessors. The latest version includes Mass Storage device integration which means Adobe Air apps can now access USB drives, Flash memory sticks, Digital Camera, and more.

Apart from the Mass Storage Device integration, the following noteworthy new features and tweaks have been added to Adobe Air 2 beta.

  • Integration of Flash 10.1 beta with GPU acceleration support
  • Ability to access Microphone
  • Multi-touch and gesture events
  • Global error handling
  • Updated WebKit, upto 50% faster
  • Now supports windows size up to 4095×4095
  • Improved IPv6 support, Server Socket support, UDP and TLS/SSL sockets, DNS Lookup and more
  • Reduces CPU and Memory Usage considerably

At AddictiveTips we have covered various Adobe Air apps, the big part of their problem was huge CPU and Memory consumption, slow performance, and slow response time which is now fixed.

Watch the demo of Adobe Air 2 below:

In short, the whole Adobe Air platform has been considerably improved and you will find various Adobe Air apps run faster and quicker than before.

Download Adobe Air

Installers(Runtime) for Windows, Mac, and Linux are given along with their SDK.

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