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[Ask The Readers] Do You Want Us To Cover Paid Apps?

There is one topic that we have been debating internally for a while and we need feedback from our readers for that. We would like to know what you think about AddictiveTips covering paid apps?

We are known for covering tips, and apps that are freeware. Lately, we have focused more on covering free apps since there are plenty of them around and nobody else seems to be covering them. The rate at which free apps are released every day for all platforms leaves us no choice but to cover them. However, there are some instances where there are paid apps that are worth covering too. Apps that solve some serious problems/annoyances and make life easier for users. We have been ignoring them, simply because they are not free. As a result, we have avoided covering some very nice apps.

No, we are not talking about those ridiculously high priced $40 to $200 apps. We are talking about those apps which cost anywhere from $0.99 to $4.99 or maybe as high as $9.99. We want to make sure that we are covering apps that are affordable by our reader base.

AddictiveTips is synonymous with everything free. When our readers wake up every morning to read this blog, they know that all apps that we have covered are free. No questions asked. However, they are missing a lot of must-have paid apps too which they are not aware of.

Now the most important question is, do you want us to cover paid apps? If your answer is No, please provide a reason. If Yes, then which price point are you more comfortable with? What is the highest amount you are willing the shell out for a paid app?

Drop a comment below, we would love to hear from you. We are looking forward to providing the best experience possible for everyone.

Editor’s Note: All AddictiveTips authors are on a short vacation. We will be back on 5th September, 2011. Meanwhile, we’ll keep checking your comments.

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  • Matt

    Sure. As long as you don’t roll with the payola, it’d be appreciated, as long as they’re useful.

  • Sean

    Split the report dont mix it together. 95% of the time only interested in free apps

  • Jim

    I would be willing to pay for apps if they were better that the free apps.

  • Mario

    I think is fine. You have my blessing!

  • Par Svensson

    No, because I want to see the free alternatives, that is one of the bearing ideas with addictive tips as I have understand it.

  • Shaun

    Reviews of paid apps would be quite helpful, so long as you don’t over do it and keep a good balance between paid and non-paid apps.

  • Steve Heinrich

    I see no problem with covering paid apps. As long as the apps solve a problem/annoyance like you said and are worth paying for. I generally only like to pay $0.99 to $4.99 for an app, but if it solves a really big problem or annoyance I would pay up to $14.99 if I felt it was worth it. Any app above $4.99 really should be full-featured, updated constantly and designed well.

    Keep up the good work! Thanks!

  • Betto

    Yes please!
    With the 15 minute return window I’m never sure about wanting to buy that certain app, but with your suggestions it’s on a whole other level =)

  • Jonathan

    No, if I want to learn about paid apps there are other sites for that, plus it will turn into an advertising thing. Maybe that would be good for you guys but I think readers appreciate the free apps and don’t care for ads

  • Da

    No issue with paid apps if:
    – clearly state that it’s a paid app, if there’s a trial, and how much
    – it is better/there’s no alternative freeware app

    Thoroughly enjoy the site. Eid mubarak guys.

  • Todd

    I’m happy to pay for apps – especially really good Android ones because I think that there’s a concern that developing for Android can’t be financially worth your time – but my request is that you lead with the price, or include the fact that it’s not free in the very first sentence.

    I don’t think I’ve ever paid $10 for an iOS app, and would have to absolutely need it and be convinced that it was absolutely best in class to spend much over $6.

  • Des

    If you go down this route you’ll end up getting “incentives” to (favourably) review a product.
    I’ve seen it happen before and would hate to this this site go the same way.

  • skh

    I prefer free apps with a casual paid app

  • Nyr

    Sure, there are some apps worth paying for.

  • EddyGeek

    simple.. no

  • Max

    Sure, I would like to see articles about paid apps…

  • EB

    It is a slippery slope, but what about apps like tasker? Not every paid app will be as fantastic, but the hard truth is that there are some paid apps that cannot be replaced by free alternatives, and I would love if you guys could find the gems I might actually want. Thanks for running such a great site, just remember what some of the other commenters have said and don’t be swayed by “Favors”. You deserve compensation for what you do here, but the reader base will leave if the site sells out.

    TLDR – Go for it, but be careful.

  • Cheapskate Cheesecake

    Split the report three-ways: – “free”, “under $10”, “over $10” or some other cost. I would only be interested in “free” for myself but other folks would like to see paid apps reviewed. If they have to go in one report, please clearly categorize them. Thanks for asking.

  • arnob

    yes, if they can bring something new, fresh and original. But no if the paid applications can be replaced with something free.

  • dt

    I like that you support freeware, and I would prefer if you do not weaken your resolve by reviewing paid for apps. I would like to see more tips and a little fewer app reviews. My Vote is NO.

  • Delf Egge

    I would not mind. It becomes a problem if the daily reading load is overwhelming.
    Right now I can still cope with the amount to read.
    Please continue making the items retrievable. In this context it may be advisable to reserve a separate “Apps” folder:

  • Rolo

    Stick with the free apps. I have never been disappointed in the apps you cover or your editorial judgment. But once there is money involved….well, you know. You have spent a lot of time gaining the trust of your readers. That trust can be broken by only a whiff of bias even if no actual breach took place. Cover the free apps for your meat and potatoes, toss in a paid app if it is really special. Keep up the good work.

  • Nikolai

    No paid apps please unless I can easily ignore those posts. Nick

  • Masoud

    yeah. we pay cuz they worth it

  • fAN

    No problem but you guys should always mencion an free alternative to them.

  • Hitech

    Keep them coming. Love it. would love Open source to be added to your list. Keep up the good work. am already addicted;)

  • Sydney

    No, I’d rather you didn’t. I love the fact that addictive tips has always promoted freeware. It helps keep the heart of open source and solution sharing strong. Please stick with free only. It would be nice to have categorical favorite apps list though, that you guys might update once a season (for example, the best free browsers, best free burning software, best mp3 player, best video editor, best video conferencing software, ect.).

  • Josh

    If they are cheap – sure! Why not?

  • jim

    yes but don’t over do it please

    so far you guys are doing great!

  • Shane

    Preferably no but…

    Two rules
    1. Only if there isn’t a free app that does the same thing.
    2. It has to be very unique to warrant a mention.

    Maybe bringing up paid apps in the regular free reviews would work (like tasker in a automateit review)

  • zephyrus

    Please don’t bring paid apps into this great site. I depend on you people to tell me which of the free apps are any good. If paid apps are good then I could get that info by looking at their download count.

  • wadhah

    Yes, If they are interesting enough, and have a value for their money

  • komoto3030

    Ignorance is not bliss so absolutely inform us of good and must have paid apps so we can make a intelligent decision to buy or not.

  • Christian

    Yeah sure as long as they’re not too ‘generic’

  • Ken

    Of course, some people might have a great heart and develop things with the intention of making it free, but other people also need to eat, and charge a dollar amount for what they make.

    The difference of that paid app and a free one? Better features, constant releases with upgrades or fixes, better and more stable code, perhaps multiple languages to choose from, integrity from a trusted developer, etc to name a few things.

    I am not saying that free apps don’t bring those things and more to the table.

    But put yourself in the shoes of a developer with a great idea that can solve a challenge. It’s your time, effort, research, learning new things, design and development of it, etc would you update and upgrade your creation, and comply with user requests at all times for nothing in return?

  • lulu

    NO !

  • nixdagibts

    just no

  • ColdEmbrace

    I would love for you to include paid apps, I mean people are saying about the free alternatives but i’d rather have Tasker than 7/8 free apps that do the same job.
    If you can keep it at about a 20% Paid / 80% Free apps
    All would be wonderful

  • Aaron


  • Russell

    I would welcome Tips on paid Apps!
    I feel you should be looking for the best Apps in class.

  • Sally

    Sure, if they are $9.99 and under. It would be nice if they were categorized as free and paid. I always look forward to your newsletter. It is refreshing to receive reviews that are concise and informative.

  • kandir

    I like the way it has been so far…the reviews mention paid versions if the free app has that option. I would be less inclined to read all the reviews if there was more material to go through, and would not bother at all if it had more paid than free.

  • Mauricio Tanzi

    It´s ok with me as long as they´re useful 🙂 I don´t even care if they are expensive… I care about an addictive tip 🙂

  • Jon

    Perhaps the best way would be to highlight the header/headline with a different color for free vs. paid apps. Also you could show free alternatives for paid apps and vice-versa in each article. Allowing users to filter free, free+paid, paid on the website may solve the problem entirely as each user could use the website the way they wish.

  • Ian

    Sure – but as others have suggested, work on your UI so it is absolutely clear as to which are free and which are “$9.99 and below”. Free-loaders can choose to only read about the free stuff… Your existing UI is very good indeed – looking forward to you meeting this new challenge!

  • willem

    Cover till 9.99 and under. Some freeware really stands out and is deserving a donation, prize. Get them!

  • Si

    Yes definitely please do incorporate them, I trust your judgement and would really appreciate to see any of your reviews or recommendations. Probably wouldnt pay more than £5 for an app, but I have myself found plenty under that that would be very worthy, and if you found a particularly outstanding one for even more than that i would be glad to know. Thanks a lot for some great pointers in the past.

  • mike

    Nope. I don’t want to be teased by apps that I can’t have.

  • Doug

    Yep, but as the person said, as long as you are not being paid to promote.

  • Rasmus

    I think it would be nice.

  • shle896

    Absolutely, you should cover paid apps. They often are better than free ones and they’re not very expensive anyway. Go for it!

  • Cover

    Because, I think that is the main characteristic of this site. If I want to see paid app´s reviews, I have many options for that.

  • EmirSc


  • Drew

    Sure- as long as judgement is used and it doesn’t turn into a marketing debacle. I come here for the advice I value most- keep that and that’s all that matters. xD

  • ahmed

    Absolutely,yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

  • Erick

    No way!

  • M. Fawzi

    I think that covering paid applications can be suitable besides continuing covering freewares.
    Go ahead and best wishes for you.

  • Ogian

    Please cover paid apps.

  • Retired Engineer

    I think you need 3 categories always identified in your daily emails. Cat-1: Free. Cat-2: Up to US$25. Cat-3: Between US$25 and US$50.

  • eristic1


    If you do choose to cover paid applications – then have a strict advertising policy. You want your app reviewed – no advertisement on addictivetips.com site.

  • Richard

    I say go for it, keep it less than $40 and generally only when there is no other good free alternative.

  • mikemeek

    I’d prefer a separate publication for paid apps. As you so eloquently stated, when I look at your publication, it’s understood that the apps are free. As one other commentator has said, there are many other options for coverage of paid apps.

    You guys cover the free app market and cover it succinctly and well, which is what sets you apart from other reviewers. Should you decide to cover paid apps (and not do so in a separate publication), I would greatly appreciate your separating reviews into clearly delineated “FREE” and “AFFORDABLE” sections.

    BTW: Thanks for asking

  • random_reader

    one word – yes!

  • Ruben

    I say No.

    I agree with one of the previous comments. Because you only look at free software, I am not afraid to Download it and find out it is a trial version and I have to pay to continue using it.

  • Tony

    Sure, why not.

    But maybe give it its own category alongside Windows or Linux, or maybe its own and separate part of the site

  • Ross

    I come looking for solutions, not for apps. If you omit a solution simply because it cost some money, you do us a disfavor. Give us the info we need to make our own minds up on paying or using freeware.

  • Phibber

    Heck Yeah, it’s a big ol’ world out there, buddy.

  • Pappanoodles

    No but by all means open a new site for paid apps. Then we have the choice of either or both.

  • djkds


  • Simon

    Yes please!

    To make everyone happy I’d say put paid apps in a new section 😉

    You guys rock

  • Nonono

    Simply – no.

  • Me

    Hell No! Only Freeware please, paid apps have plenty of other avenues.

  • Trainman1405

    Yes, I always purchase paid apps.

  • Sean

    I think you should cover cheap paid apps. I’m interested in anything that will improve my experience, and I’m not bothered about paying $3 or some trivial amount for an app that will be really useful.

  • Fabian

    ATips has been my daily source of news for useful and innovative free apps and services for a long time now and I think that is what distinguishes you guys from the rest. As you yourself have said, there are so many quality and unique free apps people don’t know of or don’t bother. You guys and ladies, bring these out. I’ve always enjoy trying out the free or shareware apps and I do pay for them especially when I use them regularly. Frankly i can get paid reviews almost everywhere unless you are targeting a very specific area like maybe cheap but good software that has yet to reach mainstream (like what Sean said above for example).

    Else, my answer would also be no.

    • Ota

      I completely agree with this, however a good example of covering a paid app would be their Extensive Notes ( http://p.tl/qy-f ) overview, which has the ‘lite’ and paid version in the same section. Addictive Tips has always had a knack for discovering some of the best freeware apps I’ve ever seen (Windows, Ubuntu and Android). My answer is a half and half here, being able to integrate something like the Extensive Notes review would be able to have a paid and free type of article without having much fragmentation between a paid and free section.

      Best of luck to ATips and have a nice vacation guys ;D

  • Ayush Chand

    There are many people who buy paid apps. But there are many who dont like paid apps like me. So you should cover paid apps too. It will be better if you create a new category for it!

  • Brent

    Of course. Especially when a lot of the phone apps you guys could cover are only a dollar or two. Nobody is saying that you’ll only do paid apps if you pull the trigger – there’ll still be plenty of free stuff that you would have otherwise covered. I would argue that people would be interested, and those who aren’t can move on. Heck, you could even put a little ‘paid’ icon next to the applicable blog posts on the main page so people know going into the posts.

  • Nishant

    It would be better abd resonable if those apps are better than free.:-)

  • Nishant

    It would be better and resonable if those apps are better than free.:-)

  • just me

    I’d prefer a separate publication for paid apps.

  • Kim Rampling


  • ecthroi

    i would be okay with it as long as it seemed separate. maybe a once a week post with the best paid apps that week, or something similar? the price point being up to $10 is certainly reasonable, i’d say.

  • Thor

    No. Its is wrong to do that you will lose alot of user if you do so.

  • Sumo

    No paid apps….

  • Larres

    Yes, you should. Been waiting for it.

  • anuraag


  • Nikos_GR

    Absolutely not. It will the become yet another software review site like the others.

  • Abracontrol

    No, I´d prefer the site remains like now

  • Jacques

    If paid apps are covered I would appreciate a separate section for them and also clear differentiation between paid and free apps that are returned in search results.
    Thanks for the great resource.

  • Nicolás

    I completely agree with this guy:

    Because, I think that is the main characteristic of this site. If I want to see paid app´s reviews, I have many options for that.

    Thank you for being awesome AT. Keep it real!

  • Abdoul

    just indicate so on the headline.

  • tony

    Only if you keep it totally seperate, different newsletter, different site.

    This is my first call for free stuff, I would llike to see the free stuff kept TOTALY seperate

  • bmadtiger

    If you do decide to review paid apps make sure the price or something to indicate it is NOT free is in the title so those of us scanning specifically for freeware won’t bother checking the review. It’s frustrating the few times you have review paid apps to think we’ve found a great program only to find it’s not freeware at the bottom of the review.
    PS We don’t want reviews of every new piece of software only those that are worth trying.

  • someone.

    Absolutely! Even if I don’t buy them, I’ll find ways to get them? xP

  • Hammad

    Well, you can cover paid apps but that will change the main focus of this site. So, my answer would be NO. you can start a new domain to do that 🙂

  • Usama Masood

    Hell Yeah!
    It is good for both type of people.
    For we genious pirates and other noobs also.
    Go for it without any hesitation.
    This is a fast and competiting world, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to such things.

  • Ed

    I read AddictiveTips because I know the advice is impartial and non-commercial. I would like it to stay that way; if I want to paid apps I know where I can go. I certainly don’t want to get all excited about and app reviewed by you guys only to find out it is going to cost me money. It would seem a conflict of interest; readers may find it more difficult to trust the reviews if there is the possibility of an ulterior motive (i.e. financial incentive). Life is costly enough as it is!

  • seamus

    No. Too much room for dilution from your current usefulness.

  • vartaxe

    big YES! there are plenty of paid apps out there which nearly everyone MUST HAVE! and even essential paid apps which no free app can compete with… and don’t forget most good paid apps aren’t expensive and most of the time are lifetime licenses no need to buy new versions… as for the price i would say there are 2 categories:

    1. 25$

    then of course there are of suites or professional apps which are expensive but aren’t necessarily tools so i don’t think those need to be covered. for instances adobe or microsoft ones…

  • John Goodwin

    Yes-I would find that useful. If the paid apps. you review provide functionality not available in the multitude of free apps. As a senior citizen, free apps are a necessity for me but an affordable ($10.00 max) unique little program would be possible.

  • Jane Bronski

    Yes! You should cover low price apps (like 1$-5$) because there are so much good and affordable apps out there. And to be honest, 1$ app is almost free.

    • iFrancis

      I think,
      if you cover paid apps that wouldn’t disturb me, but i wouldn’t read the article, because personally i don’t wan’t to pay for apps (I’m a student and I don’t have a lot of pocket money). I prefer to take free or ad-supported apps.
      But please continue to write so interesting articles as you already do!!!:)

      iFrancis (not an apple fan!)

      • iFrancis

        only one question how do I change the “at” picture when I leave a comment?



  • DW

    I don’t think it’s a good idea. The reason I even read Addictive Tips is because you only cover free, non-shareware, non-crippleware applications. If you start covering paid applications as well, the free applications will get buried, either on the page or due to lack of focus/time on your part.

    There are also a ton of other sites that already cover free+paid applications and Addictive Tips would lose its distinction.

  • Wombat1369

    First, a big thanks to Addictive Tips and the service it provides. I like the site layout, and you do a fair job of reviewing a broad mix of apps.

    Second, I would remain a big fan of Addictive Tips if:

    1) You only reviewed paid apps that cost no more than $9.99 (the cost of decent burger, fries, and a good beer).

    2) You still review mostly free apps. I think the ratio should be something like four free apps for every one app reviewed.

    Just my 2 cents. Keep up the good work.


    • Antonio Guerreiro

      As an IT Professional I have to know everything in my area, and it doesn’t matter how much it will cost. This information will be helpful for me.

  • Alvaro

    Short answer : NO!!

    addictive tips is great at as is now…

    • Vintesh

      True +1

  • ArEjAybEE

    I would enjoy reading about apps, regardless of price.

    Thank you for your great tips and articles!!!

    • Yousuf M


  • Luis Matoso

    Bad ideia.I suppose i will not read your articles knowing the apps will cost me money.
    You are one of four sites that i reed everyday, please do not change.

  • Mike

    Yes, please … you folks do a great job.

  • Tomek

    Covering paid apps is a pretty good idea, as long as the author states in the title that the app that is being covered is paid. For example: “Root Explorer is a great explored for your rooted android (paid).” I also believe that if there is a free and paid version of the app, both should be covered and shown what the differences are. This way a reader can make a more informed decision.

  • CJ

    I think the focus needs to be on the quality of the application, not whether it is free or not. While I love a free download as much as the next guy, I also recognize that there are occasions when ponying up a buck or two just makes a lot of sense.

  • Malcolm

    I think a REALLY GOOD app is worth covering even it isn’t free. After all, getting your pocket computer to run smooth like butta has got to be worth a couple of bucks!

  • Nader Khorrami Rad

    Being focused is the key to success.

  • Namor


    I think you guys DEFINITELY should cover paid stuff, because it’s not like anyone has to buy them, BUT being aware is key. I would simply always mention free alternatives at the bottom of articles about paid software.

  • Mohamed

    The problem is way we pay for this apps ..
    No I don’t you to cover paid apps !! you will be like any other site advertising apps :S !

  • roy

    It’s a trap, and would affect the popularity of AT.

    There are lot’s of sites for paid apps’s review.

    AT’s USP is freewares and free apps. And most people come here for that. It would be wise to keep AT focused.

  • Apometron

    Please, DO NOT CHANGE!!!

    I cant buy them, because I dont have credit card.

    I vote NO!

  • Apometron

    There are very special cases. I like one file manager called FILE COMMANDER, when I paid it, it was 25 dollars. Now it is 35 dollars.



    But these are rare cases.

    I keep my opinion as NO.

    For paid apps there are others sites very good, sure.

  • charlie

    there are a lot of GREAT apps out there that cost anywhere from under a buck to under five dollars…i am a student living off pocket change, and i gotta say there is no excuse to say that you dont have the extra money to buy an app that someone worked hard to develop. its not like they are expensive. just opt out of buying fast food that day.

    i would like to see some coverage of paid apps, although i hope addictive tips continues to focus on freeware.

  • wilma

    I would say that free apps are best, and agree on the few exceptions rule. If something is real cool or solves a problem that no free app can, I would say yes.

  • jtc2112

    My instinct is to say “NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


    Maybe do a “Top Ten Paid Apps of the Week”. Pick app’s that are really cool and useful. Maybe two a day Monday – Friday. Then at the end of the week you could do a round-up. They should be really cool. Fill a need that’s are to fill AND don’t get carried away.

  • Jacob

    just as long as the paid apps don’t dominate the free ones. Don’t write about more paid apps than free apps, and I’ll be happy 🙂

  • Joe

    I would rather read about apps that are legal to get for free.. But if there is a useful paid app without good alternatives, it would be nice to know about.

    • Leo


  • Royi

    Only support free developers.

  • Tiger

    I’m reading the comments and it seems 50/50, but my vote is for worthy paid apps just because there is no free lunch and the user should decide which price to pay… see what happened to CNET Downloads – built in toolbar installer – even toolbar free (adware free) apps like Revo Uninstaller are now bundled with the toolbars and who knows what else (CNET license agreement is too long to read and understand) ……

  • vinya

    Maybe some “cheap apps” section. Once in a while paid app would be ok, but really.. not more than 10% of total news.

  • Henk

    No – no – no! Simple reason: soon, the app’s producer/seller will start paying the site for reviewing their app (favorably, of course).
    As a result, Addictivetips will start sliding down the same way as many other sites already did. Take for example Lifehacker, where still only a few posts are actually marked “advertisement” or “sponsored”, but in fact a considerable number of what Lifehacker shows as ordinary “posts” now are d_i_s_g_u_i_s_e_d advertisements, with Lifehacker editors pushing products.
    It would be a shame to see Addictivetips degrading itself in a similar way. Trustworthiness and reliable objectivity are invaluable assets: once you lose them, you won’t get them back easily.

  • Oliver Daniel

    If an app looks very promising, it really shouldn’t be a big deal that it’s a paid app.

  • William

    No, you guys shouldn’t. You guys are know for being a website that provides free content. If you guys take that away you will loose something special that makes you distinct from all the other sites with computer related content.

  • Devin


  • Kate

    I would not mind if you covered some paid apps as long as they were like you said, very inexpensive and very useful. But I do feel like you should still do mostly free apps. Like maybe keep it to 2 or 3 paid apps a week.

  • anonvoter


  • robert

    Personally, I’m not much interested in reading reviews of non-freeware apps.

  • Neo


  • Apoka

    No, I don’t think you should. The reason I follow this site is because the entirety of the sites info is freeware and I know I can come here and get helpful tips and do them myself within a minute of reading it. If you do decide to change it to non-freeware as well, at least make a new section for it so we know.

  • Conner

    Yes do cover paid apps, but it would be best to show different ones to the apps that every other blog covers, basically new and different paid apps.

  • Denis

    Do cover paid apps, but must be clearly visible its a paid app.

  • Joshua

    I don’t think its a good idea because i read Addictive Tips because you all cover free and useful apps. Furthermore, I don’t feel like paying for software because I’m in Malaysia and 1 US dollars here cost like 4 bucks

  • Scott

    I personally don’t think you should cover paid applications. There are many sites that do this already such as Lifehacker and Howtogeek.

    The biggest catch for me on this site was the fact that I new the software that was reviewed was FREE and I could download it without having to fork over cash or my personal info.

    I think you have a loyal fan base and if you make the choice to cover paid apps than you risk the possibility of losing your customers.

    Just my opinion.

  • name*

    Yes, although I’ll myself never use a single paid app, yet I believe there are many who enjoy them and you will be doing a good deed if you help them, somehow.

  • Gustavo

    Paid apps has thousands of sites.

  • Antriksh


    There are very few good blogs that cover exclusively free stuff. MakeUseOf is another. I hate it when a blog title talks of something interesting and then I realize that it is a paid app/service. I like AddictiveTips as it is. Please keep it that way.

  • WackyAnimation


    I would be fine with a paid app review here and there, but the unique thing about this place is the focus on freeware apps. Once you guys start doing paid reviews, you take the time away from being able to review those free apps, so its hard to see you guys having the best of both, unless there were new writers added to cover those paid apps

  • Jon

    Yes, cover the paid apps.

  • Conradfreak

    A Clearly YES!

  • Martiman


    There are equally good free apps for most paid apps and if there isn’t, the paid app would probably be out of my price range.

  • Seb

    Please do not! It’s the free gems you serve that keeps me coming back. The web is filled with sites that provide ample coverage on paid apps that aren’t that hard to find in the first place.

  • David Drescher

    Your article format should change to 1) Platform 2) Problem 3) Best Free solution 4) Best Paid solution


    yeah sure it would be great ! 10x for all the hard work.

  • Kevyn

    I’d have no problem with the occasional paid app being covered, as long as it doesn’t go above 20% of content! I love coming to this site to see what great apps and shortcuts and tips are available, and I’d like to see a big red button for paid apps, so that I know right away that it costs before I get my hopes up!

    The other thing to consider is that readers may comment with ‘XXX does this, and it’s free’ which would be a good thing for users, but perhaps not to those people whose apps you are reviewing

  • JerseyNo10

    I would say NO,
    i love going through your rss feeds & just reading the title&looking for free gems.

    if you do decide to go through this route then separate the two sections.seperate rss feed&the title must be prefixed with [paid].

  • Thomas

    YES, cheap and worthy apps like System Mechanic

  • oldgolfer

    Providing paid app info would be good only if you could issue separate postings. That way, people could read whichever info post they wish or read both.

  • docfallingapart

    Yes please cover paid apps. It’s very difficult to find anything on payed apps and there are just some things were payed apps are worth it. Also I think some “best of” reviews would be great. It’s really nice to find the rare review that list the best of app in a segment that includes both free and payed apps. For me if a app is over $30 I try to keep looking unless its something were there is not other application like it. Take “Movie Collector” for an example. I just had to have that one and nothing else really come close to it.

  • PassingBy

    I think that free apps are more important but if there really is a “better than the rest” app out there that does cost it might be useful to know about it. Again, free is the way to go, i found so many interesting stuff here that i find it hard to believe. none of the other sites i visit had this much useful information.

  • Ves

    I always look forward to read about a interesting app that you guys have found – it doesn’t matter if it’s free or paid. So, yes, please review paid apps that you guys like

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