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Best Apps, Tips And Posts Of The Last Two Weeks [02.24.2014]


It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular (as well as the less-popular but equally useful) apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we cover a smörgåsbord of Android apps, iOS jailbreak tweaks, and browser extensions to improve your daily workflows!

Snapdragon Glance Intelligently Displays Important Information, Apps & Contacts On Your Android Lock Screen

Glance-lock-screen-dismiss-notifications Glance-weather-info

iOS gets the best new apps, but Android is far, far ahead as a mobile operating system. Case in point: you can replace your stock lock screen with dozens of high-quality alternatives available on Google Play. One such new alternative is Snapdragon Glance – an intelligent lock screen that gives you access to notifications, most used apps, and frequent contacts.

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Muzei For Android Can Automatically Download & Switch Between High-Quality Wallpapers From Instagram, Reddit, Flickr, 500px, And More

Muzei Android (1)

I have said it before, and I will say it again: a decent wallpaper makes the difference between a good home-screen, and a great home-screen. For people wishing to automate the process of finding, and setting decent wallpapers, Muzei for Android is an excellent solution. Choose from a variety of different sources, and enable post-processing effects – set it and forget it!

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Lock Certain Apps, And System Features For Guest Users With ‘GuestMode’ For iOS

GuestMode iOS Apps GuestMode iOS Permissions

Unless you are living alone, there is a good chance that you come across moments where people need / want your phone (for a call, or to play some casual game). If you want to lock certain features of your device – such as access to private photos and documents, and important settings etc. – you should check out GuestMode for jailbroken iOS devices.

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Add A Dislike Button To Facebook With This Chrome Extension

Dislike Button

Because ‘dislikes’ promote negativity, I do not see Facebook introducing the feature anytime soon. There is a hack-ey workaround though: install ‘Dislike On Facebook’ for Chrome. It allows you to ‘dislike’ updates from your friends, and see ‘dislikes’ from other ‘Dislike on Facebook’ users.

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Monitor Memory, Network, Mouse, And Keyboard Usage On Windows With WhatPulse

WhatPulse Heatmap

WhatPulse monitors plenty of things on your PC, but its greatest, most interesting feature are the keyboard and mouse heatmaps, so you can see which keys you use the most, and where you click your mouse the most. Great for optimizing both!

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Automate WiFi Toggling In Android Based On Cell Tower Signal Strength With AVG Wifi Assistant

AVG Wifi Assistant_Intro AVG Wifi Assistant_Main AVG Wifi Assistant_Add New Net

AVG’s new Android app offers a great way to automate enabling/disabling of WiFi: it is switched on when you are close to certain cell towers, and switched off when signal strength for these towers becomes too low.

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Block WiFi / 3G Access To Apps Or Filter Them Through VPN With NoRoot Firewall For Android

NoRoot Firewall_Main NoRoot Firewall_Apps

Besides being used for security purposes, firewalls are also a good solution for filtering traffic. On Android, there’s a new app called ‘NoRoot Firewall’ that allows you to select which apps get WiFi / 3G access, and can also filter them through its VPN.

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 Super Drag For Firefox Lest You Speed Up Work With Links, Images, And Text Using Drag & Drop Options

Super Drag_Search

Super Drag will change the way you open links on Firefox. Click and drag a link, and you can open it in the current tab, a new background tab, or a new foreground tab. It also offers useful options for text, and images. Great for reducing mouse clicks!

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Mute Notifications While Playing Music With ‘Don’t Pause’ For Android

Don't Pause_Start

Don’t like the incoming notifications interrupting currently playing music on your Android device? Check out ‘Don’t Pause’! It is a simple one-trick pony of a solution for a minor problem music-lovers face regularly.

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How To Post Voice Messages & Comments On Facebook’s Desktop Website

Talk and Comment_Chat

I regularly use voice messages on Messenger and WhatsApp, since it is often easier and faster for explaining things. Until Facebook decides to include that option for messages and comments on its desktop website, you should install ‘Talk and Comment’ for Chrome.

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TimePIN For Android Automatically Sets Current Time As Your Lock Screen PIN

TimePin-EnterSettings TimePIN-Modifiers

A few weeks ago, an iOS jailbreak app developer came up with a novel way of unlocking your device. Said novel way has been cloned to work on Android with an app called ‘TimePIN’: it automatically changes lock screen PIN code based on the time! As an example: it is 10:14PM now, so TimePIN would set passcode as 1014.

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CALCU Is A Gorgeous, Powerful Calculator For Android With Gesture Support & Themes

CALCU The Ultimate Calculator CALCU The Ultimate Calculator_Full

For basic calculations, I am adequately satisfied by the stock calculator available on mobile platforms; As an engineering student, I use a Casio for more advanced stuff. You may want to not carry two separate devices though, so there’s CALCU for Android with advanced functions, gestures, and themes.

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Call Contacts Directly From Your iPhone Lock Screen’s Passcode Area Using PassDial

speed dial from lockscreen ios passcode

Fresh new way to extend your lock screen: set passcode-phone number pairs with PassDial for iOS to call your favorite contacts right from the lock screen!

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TimeLock Locks And Encrypts Photos While Disguised As A Simple Clock App

TimeLock_Intro TimeLock_Passkey

There are apps that lock your stock Gallery app behind a passcode dialog, but you can still see the photos by directly accessing the filesystem. TimeLock not only ‘locks’ access to photos with a passcode, but it also encrypts them!

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