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GIGABYTE Touch BIOS Brings Touch Screen BIOS Configuration For Z-68 Motherboards

GIGABYTE Touch BIOS is a software developed by the famous GIGABYTE manufacturers for their z-68 motherboards. It is a GUI based application which enables configuring the BIOS from within the native operating system in touch screen mode. The touch screen mode is an optional utility, you can also use a mouse to perform BIOS configuration functions. Moreover, there is also a screenshot button for taking a quick snap of any part of the BIOS. This can be quite handy for saving your BIOS settings in the form of an image for later review.

With Touch BIOS, you can interact with the BIOS settings in a more intuitive way, in fact, it is as easy to use as any common application. Some of the main features of GIGABYTE Touch BIOS include:

  • GUI-Based BIOS: Users can change voltages and CPU ratios using the Overclock icon, or can monitor their system using the PC Status button.
  • Easy To Navigate: Touch BIOS displays touch-friendly features such as large iconed buttons, easy-to-read fonts, enlarged navigation panes and wider side scroll bars to easily modify BIOS settings.
  • Customization Options:

One of the main benefits of Touch BIOS is that you can customize the BIOS main page according to need. Users can easily rearrange icon order and use frequently used icons and delete unused ones.

  • Access BIOS From Within Your Operating System:

Users can now access BIOS settings from within their native operating system to perform all the required configurations. The changes are applied at next system logon or a system reboot, which saves time and ends the inconvenience of configuring BIOS from the dull and complicated default settings.

Touch BIOS makes it easier to play around with numerous settings. Like all GIGABYTE motherboards, the Z-68 range is designed to have two BIOS chips, including a backup chip. In case you mess up your BIOS settings which can cause system issues, the system will automatically reboot and revert to the backup BIOS changes. For more information regarding the use of TOUCH BIOS, check out the below video.

Download GIGABYTE Touch BIOS

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