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Google Launches The First Google+ APIs; Opens G+ To Developers

Google Plus APIs Launched

The wait is finally over, as Google has just announced the launch of the first Google+ APIs, opening the doors to developers to integrate Google’s social app into their apps. What this means for the end users is a more integrated experience with applications that till now offered integration with and authentication via Twitter, Facebook and other social networking services but had Google+ missing from the picture. Read on for our coverage of the press release..

The announcement just came from the Mountain View just moments ago via a tweet from Google’s official twitter account @google by Google Blog editor Emily Wood. Here is a screenshot of the tweet:

First Google Plus API Launched

So all of you who had been waiting to use Google+ instead of Facebook or Twitter to log into other services or to integrate their Google+ streams into their websites, the wait is finally going to be over. Heck, these are just a couple of examples from limitless possibilities, and yet this is only the beginning. However, you will have to wait till developers actually build apps utilizing Google+ APIs, or add their functionality into their existing apps.

For developers, it means adding another way for the users of your apps and services to interact with them and each other. While the just released APIs allow access only to public data of users, this is clearly only the start and more APIs will be rolled out soon.

Now lets get down to the technical details, for those who are interested. These APIs use methods that are RESTful HTTP requests, returning JSON responses, with OAuth2 implementation for security and standard syntax payload formats for making this streamlined for developers as per industry standards.

To learn more about implementing Google+ APIs in your applications or just to read the full press release, visit the Google+ Platform Blog post.

[via Twitter and Google+ Platform Blog]

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