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Here Are This Week’s Best Apps, Tips And Tricks [12.22.12]


Last week’s round-up was well-received by our readers, so we have decided to continue doing weekly round-ups. In this week’s post, we discuss powerful management apps like the overwhelming Droid Manager, simple but very useful tweaks like MapsOpener, time-saving tricks such as generating QR codes for any element on a webpage and many more. Check them all out after the jump!

How To Customize Your Windows 8 Installation Using WinReducer 8


Windows 8’s installation procedure is significantly quicker and a good deal simpler than previous Windows versions. Most people find this simplification to be an improvement, but if you are of the opinion that it doesn’t give you enough options, you should check out WinReducer 8. It takes your stock Windows 8 ISO, lets you set which apps and drivers to install, and then pops out a customized ISO that can even be used to install Windows unattended.

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Set Google Maps As Default App For Opening Map Links In iOS


The new Google Maps for iOS is far superior to both iOS 5’s built-in Google Maps and the iOS 6 Apple Maps. It has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users, so it is no wonder that people are looking for ways to set it as the default app for opening map links instead of using the native Maps app. With the new “MapsOpener” tweak, you can do just that!

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Create And Share Short Music Videos With Smule’s Strum For iOS


Developed by team behind popular music-related apps the likes of I Am T-Pain and Songify, Strum is an interesting app that lets you shoot short videos, apply filters to them and add background music. If done right, it results in some very interesting short videos that you can then share with Strum’s own network along with Facebook and Twitter.

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Droid Manager For iOS & Android Lets You Remotely Manage Multiple Devices


Droid Manager is a Swiss Army knife of an app. On the management side, it lets you set up location-based notes, reminders and events based on system settings, block sensitive apps, set a password for your system in case it gets lost or stolen, wipe system data, etc. There’s also another, very useful side to Droid Manager: you can view and reply to text messages, view recent calls, share links from mobile to desktop (and vice versa) and a whole lot more! It’s obviously more powerful on Android, but works well with iOS as well. Read the detailed review to see how it works on different platforms.

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Play PC Games With PlayStation 3 (PS3) DualShock Controller


First person shooters and real-time strategy games do tend to play better with a mouse & keyboard, but racing games, platformers and sports titles work best with a gamepad. If you happen to own a powerful PC and wish to use Sony’s well-designed DualShock 3 controller with it, you can do so using DS3Tool from MotioninJoy. Learn how to set it up from the link below.

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Norton Zone Lets You Backup, Sync & Share Data Across Multiple Platforms


Cloud-based backup and syncing services are all the rage these days. Services like CrashPlan and Dropbox are doing really well in the space, big-name companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google have developed strong cloud solutions to support their mobile platforms, and now, even security companies like Norton, Comodo and Bitdefender have joined the party. Norton recently announced “Norton Zone”, which lets you securely backup, sync and share 5GB of data for free across Windows, OS X, Android and iOS. It has many features that you won’t find on other services, so we highly recommend giving it a try.

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Quickly Generate QR Code For Any Element On A Web Page In Chrome

Smart QrCode Generator element

There are many different ways you can share stuff from your desktop to your mobile, and using QR Code generators and readers is one of the most popular methods. Using the Smart QrCode extension for Google Chrome, you can quickly generate a QR code for any element on a web page. This saves the step of opening that element separately and then generating the code for it.

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Fully Customize Windows 7 / 8 Taskbar With 7+ Taskbar Tweaker


Using 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, you can deeply customize how you can interact with your taskbar, how it displays icons and groups tasks. There are settings for left, middle and right click, dropping, hovering, grouping, combining, the option to switch between Jumplists and standard window menus and a whole lot more. It’s worth checking out even if you currently do not have any intentions of tweaking your taskbar.

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Unofficial Fix For Limited Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue On Microsoft Surface


Hardware-wise, the Microsoft Surface is damn near flawless! It’s the most well-made piece of consumer technology the AddictiveTips team has used in a long time, no doubt about that. However, the software is where the Surface falls behind competing tablets. Besides a distinct lack of third-party apps, there are multiple bugs in Windows RT. One such bug/issue is how the Surface keeps showing a Limited Connectivity status that is only fixed if you manually reconnect to the WiFi network. Thankfully, this one issue can be fixed quite easily by following the instructions linked below.

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GmailWiz For Chrome Adds Four Buttons To Gmail For Quick-Replying


GmailWiz is an interesting new extension for Google Chrome that adds four buttons to the top of each email: Like, TL;DR, Got it, and Let’s Discuss. Each comes with its own default text body that you can easily edit from the extensions settings. It is very useful if you have to deal with dozens upon dozens of similar emails every day.

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