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Here Are This Week’s Best Apps, Tips And Tricks [12.30.2012]


We’ve covered plenty of useful apps, tips and tricks this week. From a (now failing) Snapchat clone app, a super-customizable keyboard app for Android and the now-available free variant of Bitdefender Antivirus to tips on how to get rid of your Instagram account for good, and setting your iPhone’s display to be turn off when in your pocket. Check it all out after the jump.

Facebook’s Poke Is A Snapchat-Like IM That Sends Self-Deleting Messages

Facebook Poke iOS Threads Facebook Poke iOS Time

After failed attempts at buying Snapchat, Inc. and their namesake app, Facebook decided to make their own chatting app with similar, nay exactly the same core features. You can “poke” your Facebook friends, send them self-destructing text messages, photos or videos. I don’t quite understand why apps like this are so popular, but if you do, you can learn more about Poke from the link below.

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Download Your Instagram Photos And Permanently Delete Your Account


According to online reports, almost 25% of Instagram’s user-base has left the service in reaction to the new privacy-invading terms of service. If you too are peeved by such terms of service, and are considering deleting your account, here is how you can do so, and download all your photos using Instaport.

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Kii Keyboard Is An Excellent, Highly Customizable Third Party Keyboard Replacement For Android


One thing that really sets Android apart from iOS and Windows Phone is just how customizable it is (without even requiring low-level system privileges AKA “rooting”). You can replace your launcher, lock screen and, of course, the keyboard. Recently launched Kii Keyboard is an excellent keyboard replacement app as – besides having Swype-like gesture input and Swiftkey-esque prediction – it offers customization deeper than anything else on the market today.

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Lockscreen Pro Lets You Unlock Windows 8 With USB Drive, Takes Webcam Photos On Unsuccessful Logins


Windows 8’s built-in locks creen is a big improvement over Windows 7, but it still leaves a lot to be desired. Lockscreen Pro is an application that can replace the Windows 8 lock screen with one that fills that void. Besides basic customization options, it offers the option to unlock your computer with a USB drive and even have it take photos using your webcam when it detects an unsuccessful login attempt.

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Notifus For Chrome Sets Reminders For Unreplied Emails In Gmail


Email is a big part of the hyper-connected era that we live in today, and managing it is no longer a simple task especially when you get dozens of emails every day. If you’re using Gmail and Google Chrome, and have trouble keeping track of emails, then you should give Notifus a try. It allows you to set reminders for outgoing emails so you can remember to follow up on them in case you don’t receive a reply. Highly recommended if you’re the forgetful type.

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Process Notifier For Windows Emails Screenshots When New Programs Are Launched Or Stopped

Process Notifier_Email

Process Notifer can email you alerts with screenshots at regular intervals when it detects a new process or a recently closed one. Very useful if you share your computer with other people and would like to know what they are up to in your absence.

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EasyTodo For Android Syncs Is A Great Android Task Management App That Syncs With Google Tasks


EasyTodo has everything you would expect from a fully-featured to-do list app wrapped in an easy-to-use user interface. Apart from the providing you with the usual feature set and syncing with Google Tasks, the app automatically creates to-do list items out of events such as missed calls or upcoming birthdays, and offers suggestions for actions and contacts when you define tasks yourself.

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Edit Text The Metro Way With MetroTextual For Windows


I use Sublime Text 2 for all my text-editing needs since it does everything just so well, but I really liked MetroTextual’s awesome UI. It comes with support for syntax highlighting for a number of popular programming and markup languages, and is completely free. Check out our short review of it below.

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Discover And Share Amazing New iOS Apps With Friends Using Hip

Hip-main-page Hip-Profile

Kinetik released a rebranded version of their iOS app discovery tool this week, adding app reviews from leading tech blogs and additional social elements to the experience. With Hip, every user has their own Twitter-style profile that shows which apps they have “loved”, apps they have listed, and who they are following. You can see which apps are most loved among your friends and which ones are most popular around your region.

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KuaiZip Offers Stunning Compression Ratios And A Lovely UI


7-zip has long been regarded as the best utility for all compression and decompression needs thanks to its quick processing, high compression ratios and lack of a price-tag. It seems like the recently discovered KuaiZip – with its even higher compression ratios and simpler UI – may just dethrone 7-zip.

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Bitdefender Antivirus Goes Free For Home Users

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Bitdefender Antivirus has, in recent years, joined the top five paid security solutions for Windows, receiving positive reviews from different critics and advanced certifications from independent antivirus test labs. Good news is that the software is now available free of cost for home users.

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Have Your iPhone’s Display Turn Off Automatically When You Put It In Your Pocket

Always-on-Proximity-Activator Always-on-Proximity-iOS-Cydia

Using “Always On Proximity” tweak for your jailbroken iPhone, you can set your device’s display to automatically turn off when you put it in your pocket (or place it face down on some surface) and wake when you take it out. I honestly think this sort of functionality should’ve been built into iOS; besides saving precious battery life, it allows you to skip having to manually lock your phone every time you’re done using it.

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