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IOBit Rips Off Others Hard Work, Promotes Spyware

Before I begin, I would like to remind everyone that in every field there are two types of people, one who work hard tirelessly to improve their product and others who simply rip off and profit from other’s hard work. The team at IOBit falls in later category.

I have been watching an interesting development for the past two days, Lee Mathews has a complete story. To put it in a nutshell, the guys behind IOBit 360 ripped off all database information from Malwarebytes(another anti-malware software developer). In layman’s term, it means that IOBit 360 stole technology from Malwarebytes.


The folks at malwarebytes confirmed that IOBit indeed is using a stolen database.

“The final confirmation of IOBit’s theft occurred when we added fake definitions to our database for a fake rogue application we called Rogue.AVCleanSweepPro. This “malware” does not actually exist: we made it up. We even manufactured fake files to match the fake definitions. Within two weeks IOBit was detecting these fake files under almost exactly these fake names.”

We covered two previous posts on IOBit 360 before this event took place and today we regret it. So what now? If you are using IOBit 360, I would recommend emailing them and letting them know that you don’t want to be part of the company that is infringing on other’s intellectual property. Or if you feel betrayed you can simply switch over to Malwarebytes and receive better protection.

Perhaps what is most astonishing is that their website promotes porn and spyware, as far what my experience tells me, no reputable company will ever ever ever do this. I am too ashamed to link to their spam pages here, but as a proof I am leaving the links in the comment section. You be the judge!

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  • Nakodari

    Here you go, this is NSFW http://www.iobit.com/naruto-hentai.html

    then they are promoting AVG antivirus with referral links. Wtf? http://www.iobit.com/avg-com.html

    There are more but they have been deleted, surprisingly few links are still up.

  • yes, i saw the link and some was deleted, thanks for sharing.

  • Cautious user

    I have been looking at their software, and was amazed that their “Legal notice” page was exactly the same as the one for Glary Utilities – even down to the jurisdiction being Victoria, Australia. A diff on the two policies turns out that they just copied the text wholesale and replaced the names of the companies.

    Until I saw your page, I didn’t know who perpetrated the plagiarism, though I had a suspicion based on several other sources of information. Now, I see that I should be very cautious about Iobit – they’re not there to serve the community, just infect machines.

  • Cautious user

    Alas, I searched further, and I see that even Glary Utilities ripped off PCTools.com – at least their legal notice is the same.

    From now on, I’m only going to use software from companies that tell me their base of operations. And it had better be a place I can call up. Or else it had better be open source.

    I’m disgusted with both Glary and Iobit. They even stooped to copying a Legal Notice. Sheesh.