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Kumo Search Homepage Screenshot Leaked

The first screenshot of Kumo’s homepage was accidentally leaked on Twitter, our friends at LiveSide got hold of it. For those who don’t know what Kumo is, it is a complete rebranding of Microsoft Live Search. Kumo is being internally tested by Microsoft employees before launching it to the public and according to some tweets it accidentally went live last night.

Update: According to some webmasters, they received 1-2 visits from Kumo. Perhaps it could be a bot.

kumo homepage

You can see the difference between Kumo and Windows Live Search yourself.

live search small

I ran a side-by-side comparison between Kumo and Windows Live Search Homepage, Below are some interesting findings:

  • No Cashback: Cashback is nowhere to be found since it has been withdrawn by Microsoft
  • Change in Colors: The blue status bar is now grey, the green search button is now yellow
  • Clutter Free: The top-right side is now clutter free, thanks to the drop down option
  • Added Pager: Note the pager on bottom-right side(seems interesting)
  • Same Background: The background photo seems to be surprisingly same. It will rotate just like Windows Live Search.

These changes are ofcourse only visible on the homepage, we don’t know how much more Kumo is different than Windows Live Search since there has been no official word on it. If you find any other difference, let us know. Till then, Enjoy!

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