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Monthly Roundup November, 2008: New Poll, Plan For December, Increase In Feed Readers

As more and more people are migrating to open-source operating systems such as Ubuntu(which is more user friendly as compared to any other free operating systems),  it compelled us to ask our readers if they want Ubuntu tips to be covered on this blog. Majority of the people responded to the poll, results can be seen below.

cover ubuntu tips

You voted, we heard. We are now gearing up to bring you Ubuntu tips alongside other tips starting January, 2009.

Top 5 Most Viewed Posts

Here are top 5 most viewed posts in the month of November.

1. 5 Online Services For Creating Short URLs That You Probably Don’t Know About

2. Access All Your Email Accounts From Gmail

3. 30 Free Music Search Engines That Will Rock Your World

4. How To Fix ‘Cannot Delete Folder/File’, ‘Access Is Denied’ or ‘File In Use’ errors in Windows Using Unlocker

5. How To Speed Up Your Torrents Easily

Feed Readers

The number of feed readers rose to 418 by the end of November. The numbers keep going up and down, but overall it is climbing as more and more people are looking forward to daily tips on this blog. If you are not a subscriber, than you can subscribe here.

Plan For December

According  to Google Analytics, people who read this blog use different Operating Systems. But when it comes to using the Internet, majority of the readers use Firefox, followed by Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, and Apple Safari.


I have planned to dedicate the month of December for tips related to these 5 browsers. It doesn’t matter if you are using Ubuntu, Windows, Mac OS X or any other Operating Systems, such tips will be beneficial to all.

New Poll

Thanks for participating in last month’s Poll, such Polls help us better understand our readers. This month we would like to ask our readers if they would prefer us to write more on Windows Tips, Ubuntu Tips, or Internet Tips(online services, web 2.0, etc). The poll is shown on the  right sidebar, so start voting now.

Got any suggestions or feedback?  Don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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