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Reader Poll: Should We Cover Ubuntu 9.04 or Windows 7 Tips?

It’s been a long time since I held my last reader’s poll. So you must be thinking, why you should vote? By voting, we will know better which type of tips our readers love. So today I am going to ask you, Ubuntu 9.04 or Windows 7?

UPDATE: I want more votes to decide properly, so if you are reading this please don’t forget to vote.

I understand that most of you are from Windows background, but Ubuntu is one great OS too. You can do things on Ubuntu that is not possible on Windows, and vice versa. Both have their benefits. Before you vote, have a look as to what I think about both operating systems.

Why Windows 7?

Because it’s faster and has much more improvements when compared to previous versions of Windows. This time Microsoft has listened to the people and responded appropriately by adding everything a user want(okay, not everything but most of it). Majority of people have high hopes for the upcoming Windows 7.

Why Ubuntu 9.04?

Because it is perfect for most users who do not want to play Games. The latest version 9.04 is far more stable and user-friendly. Installing Software in Ubuntu is still not an easy task, but this is why I think we should cover tips so that it becomes easy for users to install software and convert their Ubuntu into a Multimedia system, just like Windows and Mac.

Time to vote now.

[poll id=”2″]

If you have any additional thoughts, please leave a comment. I will reply to each and every comment. 😉 Enjoy!

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  • bill m

    Please LESS ubuntu..i nearly unsubd from your feed yesterday. Sure, its your new toy-but its crap. More windows please.

    • Hmmm Bill, I think I should post feeds for each category too. So in case you only want to read Windows tip then you can subscribe to Windows feed only. 😉 What do you say?

      • nahid

        how to do that?

        • I think I will write a post on it later. So my readers can learn too! 🙂

    • scouser73

      Ubuntu isn’t crap, you’ve clearly not used it so you can’t make that judgement.

  • Senthil

    Both please

    • One thing that I would like to investigate is why people hate Windows 7, Ubuntu, or any other operating system. What harm is there to learn about new operating systems and their tips? Writing about multiple OS is a good thing, since it allows communities of all sides to discuss.

  • There is no “harm” in learning other OSes. But everyone proceeds at her own rate and in her own time. If I were spending a lot of time with Ubuntu RIGHT NOW, your column would be invaluable. But I’m not. I spent a lot of time last year, though.

    Over time, most people coming here expected to find Windows, or mostly Windows tips and pointers to software. The sudden emphasis on Ubuntu for a couple of days was out of character, and even off-putting. If you have the time and want to take the effort, divide it up into two sections. Or declare Thursday (say) as Ubuntu day. If you go “all-Ubuntu” then you’ll lose most readers, and attract all-new ones. You got us readers coming here for Windows. So my vote, which you asked for, is that you just stay that way. In the end, though, it’s YOUR blog, time, resources and you have to do what’s in YOUR interest. I hugely appreciate what you’ve done up to now.

    • I second your opinion. In fact, a new author has joined AddictiveTips so I wanted to assign him to a certain task. If you have a look at those Ubuntu posts, all of them have been written by him. My plan is to focus on Windows, while he will be focusing on Ubuntu. I believe in this way both OS could be covered under AddictiveTips.

      The final vote will obviously be given by the readers, so if they think that Windows 7 deserves more tips than Ubuntu, then it shall be that way. 🙂

  • James Mitchell

    Ubuntu is still so much in the wish category for me. Its fundamental problem is the lack of hardware drivers for standard hardware. I my case it’s Canon multifunction printers. Every time I’ve tried it I’ve run smack into that problem and given up.

    Thus I vote for W7, though a separate stream on Ubuntu is a fine idea.

    • I agree to what you save said, hardware drivers is one problem. But hey wait, what if we find a way to install the hardware drivers on Ubuntu, will you still vote for Windows7?

      And to what you have said about a separate stream for Ubuntu, like I mentioned in my previous comments, I will consider adding a separate feed for each category. So if you are interested in Windows only tips, then you can subscribe to that category instead of subscribing to the main feed. 🙂

  • I use both Windows and Linux, so am looking for information regarding both platforms all the time.

    • Yup alright! 🙂

      • I dual-boot between Windows XP and Ubuntu 9.04 and would like to see both OS’s covered if possible.I have been using Ubuntu for 4yrs now and have no problems with hardware and installing software is easy, you can use synaptic, apt-get, add-remove programs, install a program from the Internet.Ubuntu is the up and coming OS, and gets better every 6 months.

        • Yes thanks for the feedback. I am going to now cover both tips 🙂

  • plz ubuntu + win 7