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Reader Poll: Should We Cover Ubuntu 9.04 or Windows 7 Tips?

It’s been a long time since I held my last reader’s poll. So you must be thinking, why you should vote? By voting, we will know better which type of tips our readers love. So today I am going to ask you, Ubuntu 9.04 or Windows 7?

UPDATE: I want more votes to decide properly, so if you are reading this please don’t forget to vote.

I understand that most of you are from Windows background, but Ubuntu is one great OS too. You can do things on Ubuntu that is not possible on Windows, and vice versa. Both have their benefits. Before you vote, have a look as to what I think about both operating systems.

Why Windows 7?

Because it’s faster and has much more improvements when compared to previous versions of Windows. This time Microsoft has listened to the people and responded appropriately by adding everything a user want(okay, not everything but most of it). Majority of people have high hopes for the upcoming Windows 7.

Why Ubuntu 9.04?

Because it is perfect for most users who do not want to play Games. The latest version 9.04 is far more stable and user-friendly. Installing Software in Ubuntu is still not an easy task, but this is why I think we should cover tips so that it becomes easy for users to install software and convert their Ubuntu into a Multimedia system, just like Windows and Mac.

Time to vote now.

[poll id=”2″]

If you have any additional thoughts, please leave a comment. I will reply to each and every comment. 😉 Enjoy!

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