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Sorry For The Trouble Guys, It Won’t Happen Again

Since launching AddictiveTips back in August, 2008 we have never taken a single day off, nor do we plan to do so. But sometimes a situation arises where there is no option left. We do our best to post tips every day and would continue to do so in future. When there is nothing left to report, we have always tried to at least post a single tip. Fortunately today is not that day.

Since I am taking a week’s vacation with my family to an old village, the internet connection here is very rare. This doesn’t mean there would be no tips tomorrow. Since we cannot afford to lose our readers, I will somehow try to get internet connectivity by tomorrow.

Now the question arises about the other writer(named Aun) here at AddictiveTips, where are his posts? Well the fact is I have to review every post before it is published, this brings us back to the first problem. No connectivity at the place where I am staying!

I am really sorry if I caused any inconvenience to all regular readers. Tomorrow you won’t be disappointed. If you are getting bored, there is always Archive.

PS…In case you are wondering how I wrote this post, the answer is iPhone. 🙂

PSS… And yea I am going to post some iPhone tips in future too, some can come really handy. 😉

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  • Awww it’s ok Nakodari, everyone deserves a vacation!

  • we forgive you. just don’t do it again. JK, keep up the good work. look forward to more addictive tips when you return, enjoy your vacation with your family.

    • Do what? Not getting Internet connectivity isn’t my problem, it’s the village’s problem. 🙂

  • Vadim P.

    Holy crap. I can’t type more than a single paragraph on my android v2, I imagine it’s similar on the iphone. I applaud your effort!

    • Well typing in iPhone is hell too, but not as bad as Android. I had to type anyways. 😛