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The Best Apps, Tips & Tweaks Of The Week [03.31.2013]


It’s that time of the week again when we discuss last week’s most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips, and tweaks that you may have missed due to the busy-ness of the hectic, modern workweek. In this week’s roundup, we discuss an iOS-oriented web app that looks and works like a native app, a browser-based screen-recording app that can work outside the browser, and an interesting new app that aims to ensure a complete, duplicate free contact book, among other cool apps, tips and tweaks.

Screenbird Is A Full-Fledged Screen Recorder App That Works From Your Browser

screenbird recorded

Although it is launched from a web browser, Screenbird is not limited to record your display’s proceedings within it. The app also comes with a nifty “Do Over” feature, and easy-to-use online sharing options. Screenbird successfully crosses the line between web apps and desktop apps.

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HyperSwitch Is A Windows-Like App Switcher For Mac With Previews


This will be especially handy for Windows power users working on OS X: HyperSwitch allows you to quickly switch between apps in a Windows-like multitasker, except with more powerful features like, for example, being able to manage playback in iTunes.

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Experience Android 4.2 Jelly Bean-Style Toggles On Any Android Smartphone With AnTek Quick Settings

AnTek Quick Settings 13 AnTek Quick Settings 16

Only a very small fraction of Android users are on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean right now, so those of you on Android 4.1 and earlier may be feeling left out on features like the lovely toggles in the 4.2 Notification Drawer. Well, fret not! You can get the same toggles (and a whole lot more!) on your older Android smartphone with AnTek Quick Settings.

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Remotely Manage Photos In Your Android Gallery From Chrome With SnapPea Photos

SnapPea Photos gallery

Android has quite a few accomplished remote data management apps, but there are very few that are completely focused towards remotely managing your photos. SnapPea Photos is a Chrome plugin that works with the all-purpose Android remote management app SnapPea, allowing you to not only wirelessly transfer photos between your PC and phone, but also to view them in a slideshow, rotate, and delete them.

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Forecast Is A Mobile-Optimized Weather Web App With Precipitation Maps

Forecast iOS Coming Forecast iOS Precipitation

If you think web apps are no match for native apps, get ready to have your mind blown. Forecast is a weather web app for both desktops and mobile platforms developed by the folks behind the popular Dark Sky app for iOS that looks and performs just like a native app.

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Get Lock Screen Widgets & Dynamic Wallpapers On Windows Phone 8 With “Lock Widgets”

Lock Widgets WP8 Start Lock Widgets WP8 Settings Lock Widgets WP8

Very few apps take advantage of Windows Phone 8’s ability to set dynamic wallpapers based on a selected source, and there is only one real good app that enables lock screen widgets: the new “Lock Widgets” by Jaxbot. With it, you can see weather and battery information right on your lock screen!

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Play Starcraft: Brood War and Caesar III On Android With Winulator


Smartphones are starting to become powerful enough to emulate somewhat recent PC games. Winulator is a Windows app emulator for Android that can, with a bit of help, run two classic real-time strategy games – Starcraft: Brood War and Caesar III. The following link explains how to set it up on your device.

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For Public PC Admins: Automatically Restore Windows To Pre-Defined State After Reboot

Reboot Restore Rx_Drive

If you happen to be the administrator of, say, an internet café, you’ll want to use Reboot Restore Rx. The app automatically restores a PC to a pre-defined state after every reboot so that any changes made to it by temporary users – installing crapware, changing important settings – are easily reverted.

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This Jailbreak Tweak Auto-Updates iOS Apps In The Background

Auto App Updater iOS Settings Auto App Updater iOS Apps

“Auto App Updater” is a very useful new jailbreak tweak for iOS that automatically updates apps in the background, something Android users have been enjoying for a long time.

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Group Chrome Tabs Into Windows Based On Title, Hostname And URL With TabJuggler

TabJuggler search

Current tab management in browsers like Firefox and Chrome is far from perfect. Once you open more than a dozen tabs, things get really out of control. Many extensions have tried and subsequently failed with the problem; TabJuggler for Chrome is a new extension for Chrome that attempts solving it in a fresh new way.

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Karma Is A Full-Featured Reddit App For iPhone

Karma iOS Menu Karma iOS Home Karma iOS Submit

Karma is a new contender for the title of the Best Reddit App for iPhone – currently held by “Alien Blue”. It attempts to simplify the whole experience of using Reddit by offering the most important, basic features in a very easy-to-use user interface. It’s also completely free!

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addappt Updates Your iPhone Address Book When Contacts Edit Their Own Profiles

addappt iOS List addappt iOS Home addappt iOS Profile

It’s not easy keeping your contacts up to date and complete. I once sync’d my own, carefully-edited contacts with Facebook, and since then, there are dozens of duplicates and even empty contacts that I simply can’t be bothered to fix. With that in mind, Addappt for iOS cleverly updates your contacts based on information included by your friends themselves!

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Run Android Apps In Full-Screen Mode With Quick Access To Notifcations & Navigation With full!screen

full!screen 04

Useful for Android phones with virtual buttons: full!screen allows apps to expand to use the full, available real-estate offered by your display while ensuring you can quickly see your status bar, go back to the home screen and access the multitasking app list thanks to elegant, customizable, translucent buttons visible in the corners.

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