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The Best Apps, Tweaks And Tricks Of The Week [02.03.2013]


Last week was full of great app discoveries for us. An all-encompassing retro console and PC games emulator for Android? Check. Android Ice Cream Sandwich on Windows? Double check. An elegant OS X email client with Dropbox support? Triple check! These were some of the items that interested me. Check out the complete list after the jump to see what clicks with you.

Classic Retweet Lets You Edit Tweets Before RTing Them On Twitter For Web

Classic Retweet edit

Long before Twitter implemented it, people commonly used to “retweet” other people’s tweets by adding their personal comment on said tweet, followed by RT @<username> <tweet>. This was lost when Twitter implemented their own version of retweets, which would only let you retweet tweets as it is. Well, you can get the classic RT-style back on Twitter’s web app with “Classic Retweet” for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Read More

Play PS1, NES, SNES, GBA, Genesis And Other Retro Console & PC Games On Android With RetroArch

RetroArch-Android-Game2 RetroArch-Android-Game4

Android has plenty of emulators for all sorts of consoles and platforms of times past, but no single emulator pulls off things like RetroArch. It can emulate multiple retro PC games like Doom 1 & 2, Cave Story, and retro consoles like Nintendo GameBoy (Color), GameBoy Advance, NES, SNES, Game PS1, SEGA Genesis, Game Gear, Virtual Boy etc., plus it offers support for USB/Bluetooth gamepads, custom button overlays, real-time rewinding and more. Read More

AirMail Is A Good-Looking, Powerful Alternative To Mail For OS X


Google’s acquisition of Sparrow has left a big void for an alternative email app for both OS X and iOS. Airmail for OS X – which is currently in open beta – may just fill that gap with its lovely user interface and powerful set of features including Dropbox support, multiple accounts and better filtering, among many others. Read More

Speaktoit Assistant Is Now Available For Windows 8 And RT


Siri for iPhone 4S popularized the idea of having a nice, virtual assistant in your smartphone that answers basic queries and performs some basic tasks. Speaktoit did that for Android, and then for Windows Phone and Siri-starved iOS users, and now it, sorry, I mean “she” can serve you on Windows 8 and Windows RT. Read More

Give Your Windows RT Desktop A Refreshing New Look With Rainmeter


Users who have followed our guide on how to jailbreak Microsoft Surface & other Windows RT tablets will be glad to know that one of the most dynamic desktop customization tools for Windows 8 and earlier, Rainmeter, is now available for jailbroken Windows RT tablets. Read More

Get The Full Ice Cream Sandwich Experience On Windows With WindowsAndroid


BlueStacks can run some Android apps and games on Windows, but it’s no where near WindowsAndroid when it comes to experiencing Android on the desktop. Yes, WindowsAndroid emulates Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in its entirety including pre-installed apps, widgets and third-party apps! Read More

Take Scheduled, Local & Cloud App Data Backup On Android With Carbon


Known for his excellent work on ClockworkMod Recovery, developer Koush has come up with another excellent backup and restore tool called “Carbon” that works great with both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. Read More

Beef Up App Window Right-Click Menu With ‘Keep On Top’ And Other Options With WindowMenuPlus

WindowMenuPlus Maximize

WindowMenuPlus takes your standard application window menu to all new heights with transparency options, quick kill, the option to display important program information, enable Keep on Top, and a whole lot more. Read More

XMBC 12 Frodo Released For Android


The XMBC media center application is revered by enthusiasts for its strong featureset and ability to work on popular desktop and mobile platforms. The latest version of XMBC – v12, codenamed “Frodo” – adds Android and Raspberry Pi to its list of supported platforms, and we’ve reviewed it in detail. Read More

VineGifR Converts Vine Videos To GIF Animations


Since videos shared on Twitter’s new video-sharing app “Vine” are always 6 seconds or less in length, they are perfect for converting to GIF animations, and developer esten’s VineGifR does exactly that! You just feed it the link to the video, click on a cute little button, and the tool does the rest. Read More

Save Gmail Threads To Evernote & Attach Evernote Notes To Emails With Powerbot

Powerbot for Gmail insert from evernote

If you rely heavily on Evernote to archive information from your daily web browsing sessions, you must be familiar with Evernote Web Clipper, the official browser extension for Evernote. While the extension proves to be sufficient in most cases, it doesn’t really provide as much ease of use for email as does Powerbot. This extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox allows you to attach Evernote notebooks/notes to Gmail messages and save email content to Evernote in one click. Read More

Create Your Own Fonts With BirdFont For Windows, Mac & Linux

BirdFont_New Font_Font Character_C_Draw_Done

While its always good to have a sizable collection of great custom fonts, nothing works better than a custom font tailor-made for your project. However, editing a font or crearing one from scratch isn’t a walk in the park, unless you have BirdFont. This tool for Windows, OS X & Linux lets you create your own fonts by drawing vectors for each character or import and edit existing fonts with ease. Read More

For other great posts that were published during the week, check out our Featured section.

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