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Windows 7 (Desktop) Running On A Fujitsu F-07C Phone

Fujitsu F-07CThis news would have been pretty mind-blowing and awesomely cool had it come about 2 years earlier, that is, before the launch of Windows Phone 7! But here it is anyways, Fujitsu’s latest handset, made in collaboration with DoCoMo and called the F-07C, has been reported to have built-in dual operating systems. Sounds good, right? But wait till you find out what are the two operating systems this baby is running. One of them is Symbian, and the other is Windows 7! You read that right, it is Windows 7, not WP7, as it logically should have been (although that would have left the inclusion of Symbian pretty pointless). To a few people this idea might sound appealing, but frankly we find it quite strange!

The main idea behind the development of this “phone”, Fujitsu claims, is to make the world’s smallest PC. That is quite a good reason to develop something like this, but sadly the battery life in Windows mode is just 2 hours maximum. So if you have to sit all day with your phone sucking away at a wall charger, then won’t you prefer to use your real desktop PC?

But that does not mean that the phone is all bad. It has a few positives too. Like an awesome display. Take a look at the overall specs.



1.2 GHz (Intel Atom)


1 GB

Disk Space

32 GB


4in LCD touchscreen (1024×600)

Battery Life

Windows 7: 2hrs

Symbian: >400hrs






Bluetooth, W-Fi, Infrared, 5.1 MP Camera, Front-facing VGA

So as you can probably see, the hardware is pretty good, and not at all something to laugh at. If the battery life is improved, there is real potential out there. And anyways, the idea is kind of cool and refreshingly new.

The phone is slated to be released tomorrow, 23rd July(in Japan only) with $900 being a tentative guess at its price.

[Source: Fujitsu Official Site]

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