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Words With Friends Official App Available On Nook Store For $2.99

The Nook Tablet hasn’t seen the resounding response that the Kindle Fire has, but people are nonetheless getting on board. As with all such new devices operating in a whole new ecosystem, the world of unbounded browsing isn’t yet open. So, while you may be enjoying reading books on the Nook, you still have to hold out on official apps to use a lot of services. For those addicted to Words with Friends, Zynga’s poplar game and viable alternative to scrabble, there is now an official Words with Friends app available on the Nook Store for $2.99.

Unfair as it seems, you will have to cough up $2.99 to play a game that is otherwise free to play on Facebook, but if you have an uncontrollable urge to learn lots of words and spell right, this might be an investment to your OCD.


Jokes aside, Words with Friends is one among the top 10 popular games on Facebook, and when you compare it with growing virtual farms or killing imaginary mobs, the game is not only great for learning, but also a better way to kill time. An official Twitter app also seems to be on its way to the Nook Store; until then, spell better and impress your friend with the 7 letter word “aigrets”.

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  • Too bad for him..But me I am also addicted words with friends games..I did download on my phone because I really love to play the game.I use ANAGRAMMER to give me more hint. 

  • anonymous

    I purchased the words with friends app for my Nook HD which worked fine…until the updates. It freezes and doesnt allow u to start new games. To make matters worst, once you uninstall to fix issues, you are asked to pay for the app again…buyer beware