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Your Feedback On Paid Apps And The Final Verdict

The most important question for us this year is a simple one, to cover paid apps or not? After taking feedback from our readers and discussing internally, we have all agreed to cover paid apps but only occasionally. Our primary goal has always been to find and cover free apps (for all platforms) and we will stick to it. This is our mission and an important one.

The world as we know it is moving towards App Stores and Marketplaces. Developers today have more opportunities than ever before to showcase their applications to millions of users. Those who develop great apps deserve to get paid for their time and effort. It’s natural that paid apps have better support since the developers generally put more effort into such apps, releasing constant updates to satisfy end users like you and me.


However, App Stores and Marketplaces can get cluttered too with thousands of paid apps, more than half of which are unworthy. The question now is, which apps to purchase and which ones to stay away from? With free apps, it is not much of a problem since one can always uninstall them and try another ones. But with paid apps, users are usually left in the dark. This is where we want to help by recommending the best ones to you.

A new category called “Paid Apps” will be added, replacing the Hardware category which has been barely used. AddictiveTips is a blog about software and that is what we plan to focus on.

Occasionally, we come across paid apps that are too good to miss and there are no free alternatives available. Some of these apps are extremely cheap too, with price tags ranging from $0.99 to $4.99. There are quite a lot of users out there willing to spend a few bucks on a deserving app. Covering such apps is a win-win for both developers and our readers. Once again, our primary focus will remain freeware. Paid apps will only be featured occasionally. Some readers raised the point of accepting payment to cover paid apps, this is against our blogging ethics and we will never do this.

All paid app reviews will be clearly marked as paid (within the title) so that readers who are interested only in free apps can easily skip these paid apps.

In the end, we would like to thank all for chiming in with your feedback. Remember, it is you, the readers, who determine which direction AddictiveTips goes in. Thank you!

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