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AlbumSnapper: Create Albums From The Camera App & Save Photos To It [Jailbreak]

iOS 7 and the Photos app that comes with it does a fairly good job at organizing photos but it can’t really organize the way a human mind can. It’s smart organization based on location and time when a photo but it isn’t going to create a photo album called ‘Graduation Party’ and know which photos to put in it. AlbumSnapper is a Cydia tweak available in the BigBoss repo for $0.99 that lets you create albums directly from the Camera app. Whenever you launch the app, you can create a new album and the tweak will save all photos you capture to that album. It can also remember the album you created and save photos to it the next time you take them.


AlbumSnapper’s description says the album feature works when you access the Camera app from your home screen and from your lock screen. When we tried it out, the album option didn’t appear when the camera was accessed from the lock screen but it worked perfectly from within the Camera app. Once installed, enable it from the Settings app.

Besides the self explanatory ‘Enabled’ option, you will see a Persist All option. When enabled, the camera app will remember which album you selected the last time and continue saving photos to it. The ‘Add Album’ option lets you create a new album to save photos to. The ‘Select New Album’ option, when enabled, will forget which album you previously saved photos to and start saving them to the one you just created.

album snapper cydia   album snapper


Launch the Camera app and you’ll see a new ‘Album’ button next to the camera switcher. Tap it and select whether you want to save photos to your camera roll or if you want to create a new album and save photos to it instead.

camera album  new album

Tap Create New Album and enter a name for it when prompted and start taking photos. They will be saved to the album you just created.

album name albums


The tweak is great but I’d much prefer if it also let users select one of the existing albums to save photos to. It will either remember the last album that you saved photos to or give you the option to save photos to the Camera Roll. This means if I created an album that I later want to save more photos to, I have no way of selecting it if I decided to create a new one between then and now. Overall, the tweak has really great concept that can be improved upon.

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