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AnimateAll: Animated Notification Center, Home & Lock Screen Wallpapers For iPhone/iPad

AnimateLockscreen, the tweak that allows users to add custom animations to the lock screen of their iOS device, was among the best Cydia releases of the past month. AnimateAll is a tweak that was just waiting to happen ever since the launch of AnimateLockscreen, and who better to develop it other than the creator of the lockscreen animator? AnimateAll lets you add animated wallpapers to the lockscreen of your jailbroken iPhone or iPad, but it doesn’t stop there. Thanks to this neat tweak, you will be able to add the same custom animations to your device’s Springboard and Notification Center as well! As AnimateAll is the next iteration of the AnimateLockscreen tweak, it is available as a free download for all the current users of AnimateLockscreen, and just like its predecessor, supports all bootlogo animations available in the Cydia store, in addition to the 3 offered within the tweak by default.

AnimateAll Settings AnimateAll Home AnimateAll NC

Most of the options in AnimateAll are not very different from AnimateLockscreen, and deal with the lockscreen animations rather than the newly added features of the tweak. You can still customize the lockscreen wallpaper and battery icon thanks to the sliders available in the tweak’s own menu. All the changes and fresh features are controllable via the first section in the AnimateAll menu. From the Animation area of the tweak, you can choose the areas where you want to apply the animation in place of a common wallpaper. There are separate toggles for Lockscreen, Home and Notification Center. AnimateAll could have been a lot cooler if it allowed users to choose separate animations for different areas of iOS, but unfortunately, the animation you choose is applied to all 3 views of your iPhone or iPad.

All the animations, both stock and downloaded, appear in the Choose Animation section of the tweak. You can control the Animation Time and Number of Images for the chosen animation as well. In case you are not satisfied with the 3 animations available in AnimateAll, go to the Cydia store and download any Bootlogo animation of your choice. It will appear in the Choose Animation section, too, and you will be able to use it with the tweak by just tapping it once. Of course, you will have to respring the device after applying any animation, and the option to let you do that is available in the AnimateAll menu (or you can rely on SBSettings).

If you have not used AnimateLockscreen, AnimateAll will cost you $1; otherwise, you can grab it for free from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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