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Gridplay: Record Split Screen Videos In Custom Layout & Combine Them [Paid]

Gridplay is a new way to record videos; it divides the camera view into a grid and you can record a different video in each cell, or groups of cells. The app costs $1.99 in the App Store and is worth the price you pay. The app lets you record 15 second videos for each set of cells you select and an in-app purchase of $0.99 lets you increase recording time to 15 minutes. You can add a soundtrack to each video segment, control the volume separately for each one, and trim the final video which can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, or by email, and saved to your camera roll. Gridplay can connect with both the front and back facing camera and comes with different grid arrangements giving you many different split views to choose from.

The app is simple to use once you make your first video but it’s going to seem complicated before that so make sure you don’t skip the tutorial. Tap Start to record your first video and select the cells in the grid you want to record the first video in. By default, a 9×9 grid is selected. To change the grid layout or switch the camera, tap the little arrow button just above the record button. The camera icons are for switching between cameras (front or back). The view finder icons below it let you select how the camera records. It can be split so that each cell receives the same input from the camera, or the entire grid will receive the full camera view with a cell recording only its respective portion. Below it are the grid layouts that range from 2×1, 2×2, 3×3, and 5×5. You can add a frame to the grid as well; tap the cog wheel button in this same menu you can choose the thickness of the border. Collapse these options one you’ve set them and tap the settings button at the left of the record button. Here you can enable a time to delay recording, and turn flash on.

Gridplay record settings  Gridplay video settings

Once you have the app set up for recording, tap the cells you want to record in. You can select them in a continuous row or just tap them out of turn. When you select the cells, the app will prompt you to select the duration of the video. Tap record to start recording. You can pause recording any time and record progress with respect to time will be shown. When you finish recording for the first segment, select different cells and then record for them. You can update the video recording settings for each segment by tapping the settings button before you start recording again. When you’re done recording, the app lets you trim the video and add music to it and set the volume for it.

Gridplay recording cells  trim

You can play the video and then save it your camera roll or share it on one of the supported social media network. The app’s settings allow you to turn the guide on, enable a beeping sound as the timer counts down, and select the video resolution.

export Gridplay settings

Install Gridplay from the App Store

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