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Kalky: Gesture Based Calculator App That Saves Results [Paid]

iOS developers develop apps for playing music, saving and syncing photos, editing photos, capturing photos, games, and more. Very few developers will create apps that are alternatives for stock apps like Notes, Calculator, or Reminders. It makes sense because the apps get the job done and really, what else is there left to add? Meet Kalky; it’s an iOS app worth $0.99 and requires iOS 7.1.1 (or above) that tells you exactly how the calculator app can be much better. It is gesture based and saves multiple results. Gestures allow the user to clear all calculations, save a calculation, use the result from a calculation in the next one, and delete the previous number entered.

The interface needs no explaining; number keys take up most of the screen with the function keys in a row at the top. Go ahead and calculate your internet bill, or whatever.

Kalky Kalky calculation

The only learning you need to do is the gestures and remembering what each one does. After you’ve made a calculation, swipe down to clear everything. Swipe left to delete a single number or operation. There is no ‘backspace’ key and the function is gesture based. The delete gesture won’t delete a single digit, instead it deletes an entire number. For example, if you’ve typed 1000 in the app and you swipe left, the entire number will be removed instead of just a zero.

Once you’ve made a calculation, swipe up and the result will automatically be added to the calculation area. It’s useful if your previous result was really long and you don’t want to type it in again. If you swipe right, the result is automatically saved. There is no limit to the number of results you can save although, they can only be recalled in reverse order of how they were saved i.e. last calculation result is recalled first. Tap a saved result and it’s automatically added to the calculation area.

Kalky save Kalky use

As far as improvements are concerned, the app should let users delete only a single digit instead of deleting the entire number that’s been entered. This is possibly it’s only shortcoming. Since the app costs $0.99, users might expect it to support advanced scientific calculations which the default calculator apps does. Visually, the app is clean and the buttons are large and easy to use although the calculation area is not as easy to read as it should be. The numbers could do with being bolder and possibly a more vibrant color that is easier on old or weak eyes.

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