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Tune Your Mood: Music Tracks For All Occasions & Emotions [WP7]

While Tune Your Mood might not be the first Windows Phone 7 app of its kind, it certainly is one of the most comprehensive ones in the Marketplace. The app can be used for two purposes. You can use it as a music discovery app when you have really run out of songs to listen to, and it can also be helpful if you want to stream music related to a particular mood. Tune Your Mood has playlists that are categorized with respect to different events and moods, rather than the music genre or artists name. You just have to share your feelings with the app, and it will come up with the perfect playlist for you. Read on to know all about this fantastic music streaming app.

Tune Your Mood Feeling Like Tune Your Mood Playlists Tune Your Mood Music Player

The app has two sections in its main menu. The Activity area features playlists that are created for specific occasions or events. You can find appropriate music for parties, a hangout with friends or just a quiet walk on the beach. The other menu of the app deals with the emotional state the user is in. You just have to answer the question of “feeling like?” to see the playlist that will go well with your current mood. In essence, both the Activity and Mood modes in the Tune Your Mood app present users with a long list of songs, they are just sorted a little differently and based on different criteria. A good thing about Tune Your Mood’s playlists is the fact that they aren’t overly long, and a playlist will generally finish playing before the user loses interest or has a change of heart.

Many songs are a bit low in volume, but the overall quality of the streaming is good enough. Tune Your Mood supports background and lockscreen play, and the player’s controls allow easy navigation within each playlist. Album art is included with most of the songs, and it is also possible to search for a particular track or artist if you don’t find it in any of the playlists. Most of the playlists in Tune Your Mood are regularly updated, making it a good stop for frequent listeners.The app fetches for $0.99, but has a fully-functional trial mode that will keep working for a month. So, if you are looking to add some new songs to your collection, head to the web Marketplace link below and grab Tune Your Mood.

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