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SpeedFan (Download) for Windows 10: How to Use SpeedFan

If you often have hardware issues with your computer such as overheating, it’s a good idea to look under the hood with the help of specialized software tools like SpeedFan.

SpeedFan is a completely free application for Windows computers only. It provides you with an intuitive graphical interface and easy options to control your PC fan speeds.

You can also use SpeedFan to monitor the temperature of your motherboard and hard disk, inspect voltages, as well as verify the status of your HDD using S.M.A.R.T. or SCSI attributes.

SpeedFan Download

How to download SpeedFan

You can download SpeedFan from the official website. Keep in mind that the software product has been officially discontinued and the last released version is 4.52. However, it still works flawlessly with the latest Windows versions.

Is SpeedFan safe?

According to its VirusTotal report, the SpeedFan setup file doesn’t contain any malware, so it’s safe to download, install, and use it on your computer.

However, because it gives you the possibility to take over parts of your hardware, there’s always the risk of accidentally causing damage to your system, especially if you’re not skilled enough. Caution is advised.

How to set up SpeedFan

Installing the hardware monitoring tool is a fast and easy task. In addition to looking over the license agreement, you can customize program shortcuts and set the setup folder.

How to use SpeedFan

Remember that you need administrative privileges in order to run SpeedFan. If you don’t, we have an easy workaround for installing software without elevation rights that you can try out.

How to use SpeedFan

  • View hard drive, GPU and core temperatures in the Readings tab
  • Set the motherboard and clock settings in the Clock tab
  • Check out ChipSet and DIMM information in the Info tab
  • Select an HDD to view its S.M.A.R.T. attributes in the S.M.A.R.T. tab
  • View graphs of temperatures, fan speeds, or voltages in the Charts tab
  • Schedule events for temperature modifications in the Configure > Events area

If you’re wondering how to use SpeedFan to control the fan speed, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click Configure in the Readings tabThe SpeedFan Readings tab highlights the Configure button
  2. Go to the Advanced section
  3. Select the chip and press OKThe SpeedFan Advanced section highlights the Chip menu
  4. Once returned to the main window, you can increase or decrease the fan speed
  5. It’s also possible to enable automatic fan speed


SpeedFan isn’t for the faint-hearted. You can actually end up doing more damage than good to your computer if you set the wrong fan speed.

But it’s an excellent hardware monitoring tool for seasoned individuals who need to regularly keep an eye on their computer, such as hardcore gamers.


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