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Get Google Music Manager For Linux; We Test It On Ubuntu

Google launched a new web service called Google Music which allows users to upload up to 20,000 songs from personal music collections. After releasing a Windows and Android version, Google has now come up with a Google Music Manager application for Linux. It is similar to the Windows music manager and is available for multiple Linux distributions. In this post we will provide you with an overview and how you can upload your music collections to Google Music (via the Google Music Manager) in Linux.

Ubuntu and Debian users can install Google Music Manager using the Deb package via the Software Center. Once done, launch Google Music Manager from the Unity Dash and sign in with your Google Music account.


In the next step, select a folder to upload music from. This can be either the default Music folder in Ubuntu (or some other Linux OS) or a specified folder.

select folder

Once the setup wizard is complete, your music files will start synchronizing with your online account.

step 4

Preferences can be configured by selecting Options from the system tray.

system tray

From the Select Music tab, you can view the files currently being uploaded to your account, change the default music folder and open Google Music Player in your default browser. Whereas, the Advanced tab allows scheduling synchronization of your music files from specified folder and to start the Google Music Manager at system startup.


These are all the options you need to configure for your Google Music Manager on Linux. Stream and Enjoy your music from anywhere using the online Google Music Player.


Other than the Windows and Android applications, Google Music Manager has versions available for the following Linux Distributions: Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSuse and Fedora.

Download Google Music Manager

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