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How To Install MSN Live Messenger On Ubuntu Linux Easily

For developers linux is probabily the best OS, and Ubuntu is probably the best version of Linux that everyone can use easily. But installing applications in Ubuntu that were originally made for Windows is still a difficult task, there is no doubt thousands of open source programs made for Ubuntu Linux but there are rarely few that are best in terms of quality, feature and reliability.

I found emescene to be the best Msn Messenger for Ubuntu Linux so far. It is simple yet powerful application.

The latest version of emescene 1.0.1 is codenamed deadbeef.  The following are the benefits of emescene,

  • Clean and easy to use GUI
  • Tabbed chat
  • Custom emoticons
  • File transfers
  • Offline messaging
  • Personal messages
  • Nudges
  • Multilingual GUI
  • Customization
    • Themes
    • Smileys
    • Sounds
    • GUI
    • Conversation format
  • Plugins
  • MSN Plus!
  • Chat logging


But there are few serious drawbacks, such as there is no feature for Webcam recieveing and no Winks !

Here is the video of emescene in action,

If you do not like emescene, or if this application is not working on your version of Ubuntu Linux, then there is always a substitute for it.

Try aMSN, it covers everything that emescene doesn’t. It also has support for webcam and file transfer, check out the screenshots here and download it here.

If you think there is some other software which is better than this, please tell us by leaving a comment. I hope this helps. 😀

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  • lo2lo2a

    thank you

    that is a very very good prog

  • kristin

    I downloaded Emesene, and logged in, and none of my contacts were there, and, I couldn’t change my nick name. And I’m running on Linux Mint O:!

  • dj

    can i use a camara in emesene?

    • no you can not use a webcam on emesene if you wont to get the webcam you need amsn

  • _david_94

    “I found emescene to be the best Msn Messenger for Ubuntu Linux so far. ”
    It’s Emesene 🙂


    i will tryed to instal MSN in my computer

  • spayro

    how to use a web cam on ubuntu

  • spayro

    how to use a web cam on ubuntu

  • spayro

    how to use a web cam on ubuntu

  • ramy

    i cant setup msn on my account

  • Master117

    Although emesene is really great amsn is a lot better, it has a lot more add-ons, more compatibility etc.

  • well I have been look in for msn for ubuntu for a year and i have looked at that emescene and it is bad the beast one that i find was amsn

  • sugar_like_the_sugar

    i couldn t download it… pls help???
    In fact , i couldn t find the way to download it…
    pls , write the steps , so i can download it…

    Thanks for reading…. 😛 😀

  • Hi there..

    Finding out the best alternatives to MSN Messenger in Ubuntu, I found out Emesene and aMSN. To find out more about both, check out the following post:



  • Qk Ck

    This program is CRAAAAPPP!!!

  • Marko


  • Seo

    This is very helpful for me. thx a lot. you are very kind.

  • I just tried this and its works 😀 thank you, I can finally use msn again.

  • Ewoldi

    can you have contact with people who only have MSN or can you just talk to people with Emesene

  • asd

    jebem ti mater

  • Hi , plz i want to inform how i can get programmes , how i can get authorisation codes ??