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Install Flash Player In Ubuntu Using 3 Simple Steps

If you are new to Ubuntu, you must be looking for a way to install Flash Player. Unlike Windows, installing flash player in Ubuntu is a bit tricky and is a 3 step procedure. Flash Player is now universally used in almost every websites, without Flash, browsing the web would make no sense. Below I have covered some simple steps that will get Flash installed on your Ubuntu OS instantly.

1. You can download the flash player for ubuntu from official website of adobe. It will let you download the flash player for Ubuntu. Please make sure that you are downloading a .deb file.

flash player download

2. If you have already installed some version of flash player and you are going to upgrade your installation, of flash player then remove that old release by running the below command on your terminal.

sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree

otherwise you can skip this step and directly go to step 3.

3.Run below command to install .deb package of flash player

sudo dpkg -i sudo dpkg -i install_flash_player_10_linux.deb

Make sure that you are on the same path where you have downloaded the flash player’s .deb file.

Dependencies involved in flash player’s installation:

Normally flash player has some dependencies of libcurl 3. If your system does not have libcurl3 package installed then you can simply install this by using apt-get utility of Ubutnu. Below command
will do the trick for you.

sudo apt-get install libcurl3

Now flash player will be installed on any web browser you use on Ubuntu. Enjoy!

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  • sexysofie

    i would like to know how to uninstall it, block it, avoid using flash, use an alternative, whatever. browsing the web without flash would make much better sense. the malicious, vulnerable nature of flash versus the added value it provides is not worth using it.

    • J g

      Sofie, use Firefox with the Noscript add-on, it will set you free.

      • Or you can also try FlashBlock, which I have covered before here.

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